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Is Fiverr not Indexing new Gigs

I started my Fiverr Acount last weak and publish three gigs but still all of them are unrated and don’t know about my gig ranking.Is it a bug problem or fiverr do not indexing new gig


@backlinks_pr9 You need to remove the advertising banner you added to your post as now it appears to be spam. You entire post might be deleted because of this.

As a SEO expert you should know how to find your gig.

Your gig is on the first page, first line:


Another day, another backlink pyramid gig… :man_facepalming:


I now about it and sorry to say about this foolish question.But infect I want to create a topic to increase my forum visibility.

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whaaaaat… why are you diturbing man

There is absolutely no benefit to increasing your forum visibility. None.

You will not get any orders from here, no matter what some youtube guru said …


you are right bro it does’t mean to get orders just to levelup my social circle and knowing about more people.Might you get something odd from anyone that you are not expecting

The forum isn’t social media. It’s not for making friends, dating, or anything else not related specifically to Fiverr.


… if that’s your aim, you’re basically spamming the forum.

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So you claimed your gig wasn’t ranked and I wasted time finding it for you.


This thread should be closed.


Seconded … :fire: :fire: :fire:

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no mam please why you are saying this thread should be closed

what is meant by seconded