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Is Fiverr now Prohibited (Banned) for use in Pakistan?

One of my Pakistani Friends account was disabled and this is the E-mail he received from Fiverr, I dont want to cause panic here but i want to confirm from a Fiverr staff member if this is true?

Hi @growthly_seo,

It’s either a mistake (mistakes can happen) or your friend isn’t from where he/she claims to be (in which case, nothing can be done).

If it were to be a mistake, I would suggest your friend contact CS, here’s the link


Don’t use vpn, they will ban you

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If you need a confirmation from a Fiverr staff member, you will have to contact Customer Support. Fiverr staff rarely visits the forum, and they rarely respond here.

Is it possible that your friend’s ID isn’t Pakistani?


That would be sad.

I’d be following this thread to see the end of it. Please update us when you get a response from CS.

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Is Fiverr now Prohibited (Banned) for use in Pakistan?

Fiverr is for everyone and you can see i’m here on fiverr from Pakistan and doing well :thinking:

Unfortunately, it’s not for everyone. Fiverr is prohibited from doing business with citizens of certain countries (yours is not among them), and people with official IDs from those countries can’t work on Fiverr.


Now i’m feeling really disappointed by hearing this and wondering what will be done if this also get banned in pakistan :roll_eyes:

No, it’s not true. Some users received an incorrect email stating their account closure was due to the country they were in, not for the real reason. This only effected a VERY small number of users and we will be contacting each one to clarify the issue.


Thank you so much for clarifying the situation.As i said before fiverr is for everyone and now it is approved from fiverr staff

What about this one?

I thought someone said customer support guys are not on the forum ?

I don’t think this :arrow_down: was directed at you.

It was probably directed at the OP (and not you). :slight_smile:

I think this :arrow_down: is true.

In fact, mjensen415 had already clarified in that thread that it was indeed because of international sanctions against certain countries that sellers from those countries were no longer allowed to work on Fiverr.

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