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Is Fiverr offering Gig Advertisements?


I have noticed lately when looking for Gigs some Gigs that are on top look like they are advertised. They even have the ‘Ad’ on them. What is this? Does anyone how to promote a Gig by advertising on Fiverr?

Check attached image please.


Please correct me if I’m wrong about this.


Hi keiracarmen, can’t seem to contact you through your account, so I have to use this method. Please send me a message to wash116 about a project. I am the person that Brian was talking about. Thanks.


She’s Cathy Sharon!
Moreover, She cannot contact unless you sent a message before. The reason, you cannot contact her is “She has no gigs atm/Fiverr deleted her gigs/She paused”. Wait, until She creates new gigs!


Thanks. So I can not contact her directly? New to this.