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Is Fiverr out of traffic?


we have already send the message to CS, still waiting for the replay. i hope it will solve fast,


I think all sellers should reach CS to realize them to fix this issue. What o feel they even dont know this problem exist…


Yes you are right,:slight_smile:


Diegow do you think that CS know this issue…i think not.


Yes i have a same issue


Yes, they are…

I said on another thread that either the new algorithm or Fiverr wouldn’t last long. It was meant as joke, but it kinda looks more and more each day that they are aiming for option 2.


SO they are Tasting on the

Testing our search placement algorithm right ???


I wonder what their tests are showing?


Fiverr has been testing the algorithm, updating the site, changing the way search tags work, plus they’ve done routine maintenance and made varied changes on a regular basis for years. I’m sure they are aware of what they are doing. For example, phone verification changed things for sellers who had been inactive for a long time and those accounts now have no active gigs. That was a recent update that reduced the number of live gigs by thousands.

You can speculate and gripe, but in the long run the best things to do is read the forum (not just write gripes) to stay up to date as much as possible, stay up with the Fiverr blog, keep your own gigs updated and keep delivering the finest services possible. Fiverr wants to make money, so they will try to make sure they can continue to do that by promotion the gigs that fit their current needs the most and by working on the site to test varied potential improvements.


Thank you so much for the replay @fonthaunt


Yes guys but its too difficult to survive without organic sales. Days are passing and creating frustration among the sellers. Fiverr must think another way of testing without affecting the sellers and buyers both. Hope they can do it


ya that’s right buddy.


Till now they failed


Why are you relying on Fiverr to be your only source of sales? You can get out there, reach out to your target customers on your own, and market and promote your gig(s) as well. Just like any business, you have the ability to bring in your own traffic.

Sitting back and doing nothing to promote your gigs is not a good business strategy.

If you want more customers, you need to go out and find them. :wink:


The test is obviously not the best. I see almost every top performing gigs in my category have experienced the drought. Traffic is dropping, sales is dropping and the testing still continues. I wonder if the testing is for negative reasons. Policy becomes stricter and buyers can’t even ask to remove reviews posted out of annoyance. Some unscheduled updates happen pretty much all the time. Some preventing you from replying messages or even deliver order. I hope they won’t chase us outta here.


Your internal Gig’s Rank was lowered by the system or manually and it means that people don’t see it. 2nd page on category? I was told that buyers use the search bar mostly - different positions. Try 1keyword searches. If you don’t see it I’m right.

Simply buyers don’t see your gig.

IMHO - means it’s only my opinion


Fiverr has an image problem. Some sellers don’t like it because they don’t police the rogue buyers. Some buyers don’t like it because the cheaper end of the seller market can see low quality work. Buyer Requests is an absolute mess, so nobody gets a great deal from that. They have pushed to lower their costs (which is their business model and good luck to them) but Fiverr need to bring people along with them.

The future looks interesting.



Your are right in some way but not all, See buyer or client searching for platform already available which provide them secure work environment to save their time and cost. On the other side stand alone business also relying on freelancers service’s platform to cover their business revenues. It is indeed to maintain portfolio on these platform like fiverr and keep on track.


I have no idea what you just wrote. :wink:


As Fiverr always mention that Buyer’s request for to ask services which are not available in their categories or in gigs. But No, people posting requests for cheap services.