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Is Fiverr overcrowded, Are their more sellers than buyers?

I wouldn’t say that Fiverr is “overcrowded”, there’s plenty of room for many more sellers. What I will say, though, is that there are a lot of “new” sellers who have absolutely no clue how to run a business, and are expecting this to be easy, and have everything done for them. That’s just not how business works.

More often than not, many of those same “new” sellers have little to no interest in learning how to be successful. They just want the sales profit, without having to do any work to earn it.

I find that sad, and disheartening. More people would succeed here, if they only had the heart, mind, and motivation to work hard, obtain business/sales skills, and earn that success.


I pretty much agree with everything Jon said above.

I AM curious though, if the Fiverr magic fairy waved her wand and made ALL
the fake/copied/scammy/unprofessional gigs disappear and only the serious/hardworking/professional people who actually knew and were good at what they are doing remained, Fiverr won’t be “overcrowded.”

…I’m sorry if that sounds condescending…


Of course, I think the buyer & seller ratio is about 1:10

Ok, before coming on Fiverr I was of the impression that I would optimize my gig and then magically I would get an order. So, what are the chances of a newbie getting an order with no reviews etc. The chances seem small if you don’t spread the word on other social media sites. So I do agree with you, and I guess thats why many people give up and abandon their account after a while.

yep! I think so too but just like when applying for a job in a qualified and overcrowded field, you have to try and present yourself well so that you can compete better.

Yes I agree with you.

I will always agree with you @jonbaas :sunglasses::+1:


There are many niches that are here to stay, therefore I guess the answer is depending on the niche we are talking about as well. Besides other things. I won’t repeat what @jonbaas said, well said there.

But I do want to say that online business is thriving. Yes, it might be hard for a newbie, but that’s the case even if you start your own website, facebook etc. Those that last longer with quality they win. Just like a diet doesn’t work if you are only going to eat healthy for a while, so a business won’t thrive if you are going to improve yourself and deliver quality only in beginning.

I think what’s really sad is that people tend to point the finger at other things when they should point it at themselves. Not to blame oneself, but to see what is to improve so we can become better. Focusing on Fiverr, algorithms, market and such won’t do nothing but create a bigger financial hole. :slight_smile:


So then, what do you recommend they focus on?

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Always on point. @jonbaas always hitting the nail on the head.

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Yes, We have more sellers than buyers but if we scan and remove sellers who has no experience then i think it can be %40 buyers and %60 sellers.


I wouldn’t remove people who have no experience because then how would that person get experience. I think its better to say remove those who are not serious about their business and are being “spamy”.


you’re right. There are plenty of rooms for the newbies.


Totally agree and yes i should have said people who are not serious instead of inexperience people.
I consider my self inexperience before fiverr. I did few work for different studios but still it wasn’t close to work that i did here. I think i did more than 300 projects and all buyers were so nice.

Yes mate you are right I made my account yesterday and Got first order on my account today the buyer saying I am impressed and said " I would be interested in your evaluation and quote"

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Exactly! Fiverr can be exceptional if you’re willing to work.

Honestly i get the same from friends though, they seem to think me working online is just hitting a button and in comes the money. Its the same as every other business and needs to be maintained in the same ways!


That is great! I am hoping to get my 1st gig soon and develop my skills even more just like how you did.


They Great sellers will always get found, The New sellers that may just be in it for “Easy Money” - they wont survive long. In the end the best service providers will be the ones remaining :slight_smile:

“The Market Doesn’t Lie”

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Start slow, keep your clients EXTREMELY HAPPY - go above and beyond and secure your reviews/reputation early, Make sure you spend as much time as it takes BEFORE accepting any job - to make sure you are clear on instructions and can definitely handle the job - Youll do fine!

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I think persons who are just getting started in doing business online think it is a piece of cake because that’s how some people portray it after they have “made it” with their online business. They don’t share the moments of preparation to be where they are and so you find a crowd of people jumping into it thinking that money is gonna start rolling in overnight.