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Is Fiverr passed its prime?


It’s problem will be the $5 one its very self.

By that I mean that $5 now is already not worth what it was 2+ years ago, as the cost of living goes up then soon people that were happy getting $5 for doing a gig that took an hour aren’t going to be. It’s not about changing currency rates but the cost of living. It will hit a point whereby $5 looks like peanuts (if it doesn’t already) - hope they have a game plan to address that!

Also it needs some PR as in many top Internet Forums such as warriorforum (5k members +30k+ guests online or more at anyone time - so 35k people online at once, so I think that qualifies as a popular forum) fiverr has an awful reputation - as well as some supporters but most comments are negative, particularly when it comes down to how much you can make on it.

gyoveg said: By that I mean that $5 now is already not worth what it was 2+ years ago

It's an international site - the cost of living isn't rising everywhere (and certainly not at the same rates. Folks who live in the 'right' places will keep on going and others will get discouraged and drop off. I think Fiverr's attempt at providing a way for sellers to earn more money with higher-priced extras is doing more harm than good. The majority of buyers come here to get cheap product/service, very quickly. Sellers desperate to make more money essentially raise their prices with the extras and get even fewer orders.

I don't understand why people come here (not all of them, but most) expecting to make good money or even earn a living. Each seller on this site is potentially competing with hundreds of thousands of other sellers (depending on product/service). No-one would expect to set up a table in a shopping mall with 250,000 other sellers and expect to get rich - especially if the mall management won't even let you put up a sign.


@itsyourthing - I hear what you are saying but I think a lot of the graphic/drawing gigs aren’t like that. (“cheap product/service very quickly”). I had a good look round and there are quite a few where the extras (some serious level 2 and beyond extras) seem to make sense to the buyers too as they have plenty of orders.

I Just did my first $15 gig and the buyer was delighted so I’m crossing fingers it won’t put people off. It’s still an absolute bargain!


What do you mean 2.0 was a disaster? I joined just before 2.0, and the old fiverr looked outdated and quite frankly ugly. 2.0 looks modern and with that trustworthy! Looking professional and modern brings customers.

After 2.0 I noticed no drop in sales, but in fact an increase?


@celinedesigns - There’s no question Version 2 looks nicer. But it’s nowhere near as user friendly. And for sellers, navigating can be tough. I’m still not used to it and still miss being able to quickly glance at things and see what’s up. The original was stripped of bells and whistles but was perfect for what it was trying to accomplish. It was a market place. And was designed as such. Version 2 is geared more for visual appeal. And a lot of the functionality and ease of use was lost.

As for sales in general. There’s lots to be made here. I’m Canadian and can say that I could live of Fiverr rather easily. But, the funds I make here go to a project I’m working on.

It all depends on how you put your gigs together and what you do. If you do 7-10 gigs all at once, and can get them done in 10-15 minutes you’re doing great once you start getting regular gigs.

And the trick to getting regular gigs is to be patient. And, always deliver your best work. Don’t try to scam people or fool people with your gigs. Give what you say and do your best. Scammers, eventually end up with nothing. The good ones, have to wait a bit but slowly get busier. And getting repeat clients is key. I can proudly say that around 80% of my gigs come from repeat clients now. Some have been repeat clients for around a year and a half. That’s the key. Slow but steady wins the race. As long as you don’t try to pull a fast one on someone. And you do your best. Always… And don’t be afraid to refund or re-do something over and over to make someone happy. It pays off in the long run.

jbadrawings said: I had a good look round and there are quite a few where the extras (some serious level 2 and beyond extras) seem to make sense to the buyers too as they have plenty of orders.

Compared to the 'going rates' and typical time-frames in traditional art/design industry environments, those gigs are INCREDIBLY cheap and quick. The highest cost/time gigs here are still a fraction of the costs elsewhere. I'm just saying there is a balancing point where the people seeking the best will go elsewhere to pay for the best (even if that's just a perception based on the adage "you get what you pay for") and the super-cheap gigs will still get orders by the folks who don't really care. The middle-tier is always in the mire. :)