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Is Fiverr really still Fiverr?


Okay, I get that there are some seriously talented sellers here. That’s all very cool. But so many of the listings are now $10 (more even?), so maybe the site should become Tennerr soon, right? I get the whole “you get what you pay for” thing and that some gigs cost a lot of man hours, but the site gained fame through the fact you could get anything for $5. It feels like now that they have a large customer base, they’re changing the policies. Gigs that cost more to make should be listed on another site that serves a similar purpose.

Surely I have a point here. I just don’t want Fiverr to become a shadow of its former self because I love the place.


The brand of this website is “Fiverr”, regardless of what additional options they choose to offer for the pricing of gigs. Just because additional prices exist, doesn’t require a change in their business name. Fiverr is still Fiverr, no matter what services they offer.

If someone named Bob bought the entire McDonald’s fast food restaurant chain, would they have to change the restaurant name to “Bob’s”? No, of course not. McDonald’s is the brand name for that restaurant, thus, it remains so, no matter what they offer on their menu, or whomever owns the entire chain.


Exactly, agreed with everything jonbaas above said. To also add, not to mention, Fiverr doesn’t mean that each work costs $5.00, but rather notice that all the pricing options are multiples of $5.00 hence still a part of the brand name.


That multiple thing makes sense. It’s worth noting though that here in the UK the term “fiver” is extremely common slang to mean £5, so most people here would create the association that I did. Thanks for clarifying it.