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Is Fiverr really the best Platform, FIVERR support The WORST!

This is the first time I have tried to use Fiverr to have some projects started/completed. I have to admit, I was really impressed with the layout and the wealth of knowledge and talent within this platform. I even have projects ready to go, put them in my cart and then went to pay and eagerly await the return of my completed projects. I was like a kid in the brand new candy store that just opened up in my neighborhood for the first time. However, it came to a horrible screeching stop when after entering in my cc info, I was told “there is an error.” No other explanation, so I hit “submit” again. And the wonderful, “there is an error,” exclaimed once again. So I re-entered another credit card number, submit, error. So I eagerly entered another cc number, submit, and still 'error." No other info to go by, I call my cc to ask if something came through on fiverr. Two of my credit cards show a total of SIX pending charges from Fiverr- so it was hitting my cc’s, but not on the Fiverr account page. So I send a message to Fiverr- you know I want some projects to get done, however, once submitted it states it could be 48 hours before a response! So now I chat “live” with Vernon at Fiverr, tell him the details as above, he shows nothing on his end but will be happy to send the concern to “finance.” This was almost two hours ago. So, I am sorry Fiverr artists and awaiting entrepreneurs, my money is lost in Fiverr land, but the orders were not placed and you cannot start working to make money. Fiverr sounds like a great platform, but maybe it is hit or miss situation; especially with these very long response times. I still may use Fiverr, but maybe someone knows of other sites like this that have better tech support to ensure sellers get their money and buyers get their orders processed expeditiously. I will copy and paste this in other forums, should this be deleted by Fiverr Admin. 5 18 2016, 2:00 pm Pacific time.

Still no follow up from Fiverr. All I want to do is place orders and give vendors money for their talents; however, it does not appear that Fiverr (the collecting platform) does not see that as an important part of the business platform. I would be concerned for the employees and vendors at this site, this is a tale-tale sign of a sinking ship. Just saying there should be some friendly competition for Fiverr so all these vendors do not lose their source of income when this company fails.

Sorry this happened to you. Please keep us posted.

With respect, it can be frustrating at times but remember the pricing.
If you want somewhere that can have a CS person available within a few minutes then you should go to agencies that will charge 10-20 times the price of Fiverr sellers. They will have someone available to answer your query about payment and solve the problem. Meanwhile another member of staff goes to Fiverr and places your order there.
Your payment will comfortably pay for a couple of hours of their time and the cost of the actual work on Fiverr. You will be happy they solved your problem quickly but will have paid a substantial amount more than you needed to.

For future reference: when making online payments, an error message does not necessarily mean the payment did not go through, check your cc account to see if it did before trying again.

Just an FYI, you didn’t write anything here that breaks the forum rules so there’s no reason to delete it. (All of the forum admins and moderators are not CS or staff but are just buyers and sellers who help with the forum.) If you do have a thread deleted for some reason at some point you are welcome to paste it off-Fiverr anywhere you like.

I’m sorry to hear you had payment issues, since I’m a regular user who both buys and sellers. This platform is growing very fast and I’ve seen evidence of some of those growth pains. I wonder if there aren’t a few others having some sort of payment processing issues since a quick glance at recent forum activity makes me think it’s possible. Hopefully they will straighten it out quickly. Customer Support on Fiverr has had a rough 48-hour response time for a long time. Perhaps a year ago the average seemed a little longer to me, but recently 24-48 hours is pretty typical. My last ticket was answered in about a day.

As far as other sites, it’s pretty easy to find them just by searching online. There are tons of them, although the ones I’ve tried all have good and bad sides. Some have fast support but are expensive. Some are even cheaper than this one but have essentially no support and dead links everywhere. If I did know of one that I think was very superior in some way, I couldn’t the URL here, but I honestly don’t know of one anyway. I think Fiverr is a good site that can benefit from improvements like most pre-teen companies can. I’ve sold on some other freelancing sites and haven’t done as well as I have on Fiverr. More competitors will come and go and I guess only time will tell the outcome, although I think there is actually room for more than one with the ongoing changes in our global economy.

I’m sure your payment processor can straighten the issue for you if nothing else works. Good luck.

As far as similar companies to fiverr, this is the only one of it’s kind I’ve tried and I’m very happy with it. This site does it’s marketing fantastically well and has a very sound business model. For any site to pull in this amount of business means they are doing things right. I give tons of kudos to the marketing department.

Since the OP didn’t bother to respond, it doesn’t sound like he was all that interested. Go figure. Useless rant, I guess. The little “warning” about what he would do if this was removed was a lovely and kind touch. :wink:

just hit the same issue. money deducted twice. Big amount. :frowning: what should I do apart from having raised a service request

Wait for the Customer Support to respond (if by ‘raising a service request’ you mean that you have contacted Customer Support; if not, submit a ticket to them and ask them for help). It might take them a while if they have a lot of tickets to respond to, but whenever something like that happened with any of my buyers, CS helped them.