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Is Fiverr safe from the Wanna Cry Ransomware?


Hello guys!

Can you help me out? A client sent me a file for his project but I cannot open it and won’t open it as the file is looking a bit suspicious. I have read some news that there are hackers who lock you out of your files if you open their zip files. And you would need to pay (hefty amount) them in order to retrieve your files.

He sent me an attachment, property type is File and that’s all. I feel a bit suspicious about this. Can you enlighten me?
I hope there could be a faster way to report a user who might be planning to hack or scam out hard working sellers



Do you use an antivirus? After downloading, instantly scan it with the antivirus. If not anything suspicious, you can step forward. Thanks


Thanks for the advise. Even after scanning it, it’s filetype is not the same as zip or winrar. I cannot extrract and would not dare to try. I have messaged the buyer but it is not responding. Maybe I would wait a bit more in case the buyer can enlighten me on the matter.


After getting an initial response from the client, you need judge the fact in way of reality. If you think no need to go ahead, then you should walk thru the way. Your computer and other machines are assets, don’t let them distort.


Ask them to send it as a text file. If they don’t respond then just forget about it.


Have had this issue a couple of times, if you can’t open the file, simply tell the buyer you don’t have the software to open it and he should resend the details via text or screenshot


I bet you’ve read something wrong then… the Wannacry does not spread by emails or .zip files or attachments. It is a worm that uses a vulnerability in the Server Message Block of Windows to spread.
That doesn’t mean you should not control every attachment someone may send you.
That was just FYI.


Yeah but what if it’s other type of ransomware.


That’s why I’ve said:

Updating your antivirus is a must, together with your Windows System


Thanks done that. :raised_hands::raised_hands:


One of my computers, which I rarely use is on Windows 7…should I get it upgraded to Windows 10? I think that would cost about $120-$140 here. Damn, I should have upgraded it when they were offering Windows 10 for free, but I forgot all about that computer.


May be put Linux in that if you still wanna use it?


So if I put Linux on that, does it work with MS Office? Can I get MS Office license with that? I won’t do the installation myself, will hire someone to do it…how much do you think Linux installation would cost?


Not necessarily. Just install the updates for Windows 7.
I quote Wikipedia:

Microsoft had released a “critical” advisory, along with a security patch to fix the vulnerability two months before, on 14 March 2017. The patch was to the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol used by Windows, and fixed several client versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system, including Windows Vista onwards (with the exception of Windows 8), as well as server and embedded versions such as Windows Server 2008 onwards and Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 respectively, but not the older Windows XP, according to Microsoft. According to Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows Insider Program at Microsoft, Windows 10 was not affected.


Nope. Are you familiar with Libre office?


Okay, will do that right now. Guess you saved me $150 :smile:


Just offer me a coffee when I’ll be around India :thumbsup:


LOL $150 will get you a year’s supply of coffee in India :laughing:


Haha… I’m not an expensive girl… a cup of coffee may work well :innocent:


This is useful! Thank you very much