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Is Fiverr Schizophrenic? Yes - Yes it Is

Now, let’s just cut straight to the chase. What the hell is this:

Screenshot at 2017-09-14 11-18-21

I have 1, yes 1 order in queue. If Fiverr thinks different, it’s because some people haven’t done their bit as a buyer and accepted or rejected a delivery yet.

Let’s just look at the bigger picture here though. You see, no one in their right mind is going to order from someone who isn’t flagged as available.

Now yes, all buyers should read Fiverrs TOS and learn how the website works but come on… This feature effectively penalizes sellers for selling! It’s only possible functional application can be to try and spread orders among sellers with a cutoff limit of active 5 orders per freelancer.

What if I deliver one order on Monday, one on Tuesday etc etc, and none of those buyers accept my deliveries? I could have nothing in queue but still be regarded by Fiverr as overly busy for up to 2 weeks! This is just pure madness.

Who actually thinks these things up? Who gets the green light to implement changes and features like this? Mr. I Can Kill Your Business? I personally know shoes with more common sense than this.

I am sincerely dumbfounded. It’s like Fiverr’s entire marketing department is on drugs and they keep taking more drugs to counter the effect of the drugs they have already taken.

Junkies don’t make sensible decisions Fiverr! Even Google clamped down on micro-dosing. Splash some water on your face and check back in with reality FGS.

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This feature can be useful for people who are in a rush to get something done. I’ve had to turn down buyers who needed something done immediately as I was too busy, as have many others. With this feature, buyers will waste less time searching for people who might be able to help and spend that time communicating with and ordering from people who definitely have time to help. It’s also a nice opportunity for new sellers to get new clients or for people whose sales have been going slowly to get back in the saddle.

That being said, I agree that counting incomplete and delivered orders into the active order count for this is ridiculous considering how many buyers place an order and forget, but hopefully they’ll change that since they’re only testing now.

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This feature is NOT for me!

This is my point entirely.


Yep, I am curious to see how this works for me.
So many of my clients, especially regulars of mine have orders with 30 day delivery because they are longer term projects which require lots of over and back. I have deliberately developed relationships like this because it helps buyers and suits them a lot - the only negative is for me in that I have to wait longer to be paid, but it works well. However, I will never be able to say “I am available” with these settings.
I think this is likely to be a symptom of all those lovely people who use page refreshers 24 hours but are not actually online or available. I think it might have been a better idea to sharpen up the “Online” light in some way or allow sellers themselves to decide when they are available, rather than limit it to a set number. Unfortunately, again, this is not possible due to people abusing the systems in place.


Then shout about it, Writer! Declare the idiocy. Point it out for what it is! Tie news of this new madness to the legs of birds which land in your garden and release these birds from a near by mountain top.

This unthinking madness has gone far enough.

All that the many changes of late have resulted in is a tangible sense of devaluation and disenfranchisement for the actual people which give Fiverr it’s bread and butter. This feature adds to that and squirts mayonnaise in your face at the same time.

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I just said it’s not for me. That’s all. Don’t have an opinion on the pros and cons of the feature.

In fairness, I do think the Available Now Feature is likely to be aimed at giving those who are not selling, the opportunity to get some prime exposure which is pretty much what every complaint about the Algorithm and Pro in the past 6 months boils down to. It is not perfect but I think people can at least take some heart that Fiverr is exploring this idea and aiming towards providing visibility to those who have been under exposed because of recent developments.

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How low a cancellation rate is required?