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Is Fiverr Selling Luck?

I am confused about my recent selling ratio. Per day 50 to 100 unique views but recent 5 days have 1 sales only. Is it depend on luck ?

I don’t know… For me i was getting 1-4 order daily. But since last week, sales dropped 100% suddenly… now almost no order at all.

I don’t really know what’s happening and it’s causing some kind of panic on me and some other member… I’m sure there’s something up with fiverr. IDK… Just opinion bro.

In business, we make our own luck. Work hard, and reach your goals. THAT is how you find success on Fiverr.

the exact same thing for me its just monthly i had a lucky month and unlucky one after

Did you notice if your gigs changed positions?

I think: skills? price? competition?

i don’t think so

I truly believe that’s the way it goes. If you’re good at what you’re doing and dedicate yourself 100% to satisfy buyers’ demands, the results will show.

A little luck doesn’t hurt, but 99% of the time it’s pure dedication and hard work. There’s no trick on being successful on Fiverr.

I’m not a TRS by luck. I’m here 7 days a week night and day for over 3 years without a vacation.

I’ve noticed large swings on activity. There have been a few times when I would get 6 jobs in a day. That’s huge for voice over. But then I would have really dead times where I would get nothing for days. My reviews are excellent, my work is incredible for price they pay. So I have to believe something is going on with fiverr. It has been really slow for over a month even though my reviews and rating is excellent. It’s a mystery to me.

January and February can be very slow due to consumers recovering from Christmas. I had a very slow month but activity is starting to pick up again. No, selling on Fiverr is not luck, never. Hard work, good customer relations, carefully chosen and well-designed gigs.

Mine do all the time.

Did it become slow after you installed the packages?

I may be wrong, but I feel the drop every time I edit my gig, or creat a new gig
Anyone else notice it?

Nobody can sell luck. If I’m right, then luck is merely the universe’s way of showing you that you’re on the right path.

I could be horribly wrong–but in my experience, if I fight a run of bad luck by trying to make it happen, it doesn’t get better. If I work with what I should have been doing, it suddenly gets silky smooth.

You’ll know it when it’s happening.I wouldn’t apply that process here though, this is a capitalist marketplace. Some days I get no orders, others I get 15+. Don’t rely on Fiverr. It’s a neat place to build a steady-ish income, but to rely on it? Nah mate.

Yeah!! it comes with more skill + less luck (less but required)

There’s no trick on being successful on Fiverr

I have 100+ unique views but no impression no sales.

I just try to do my best to get gigs on the buyer request section by replying to requests in a personal matter. This gets me some jobs and also reviews. In my opinion good reviews help to get more jobs.
But it does take some work.

Good luck with your gigs people.