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Is fiverr shadowban me?

All right so it’s all started at Aug 28 when I cancelled multiple orders and then go to out of office mode for a couple of weeks due to some personal reasons before this I had 2 active gigs and account rate as next
Response rate: 100%,
Delivered on Time rate: 100%
Order Completion rate: 94%

after I get back from office mode my order completion rate was down I even lost my lever 2 seller & after a couple of months I able to get this rate back again and somehow I able to start to get the same impressions as I used to be but somehow it lasted for a couple of days then it all went fall down again because my delivered on time rate & response rate has dropped down to around 97 & 96 when it used to be 100 most of the time, however, does those rate who affect my account to get that impression? I’m a lever 2 seller with over 418 (4.9 Reviews) but getting around 500 impressions a week? when did I use to get around 10-15k a week? does this due to the rate of delivered on time? and response? I work in video editing category, keep in mind that there was the third gig that was un-active for a while when I activated a few days ago it jumps to around 200-400 impressions but once again it falls down as well as other gigs, Is this happened due to rate of account or not? how I can improve them? I work hard those days and even delivery in a few hours. it’s been over 6 months I even deliver order in time and have a good orders from old clients and even get good review but nothing change at all !

As you can see those are my rates !!! the same others 2 gigs are same they even a new one of them !