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Is Fiverr Stable income Source?

Hi, I am a new seller on Fiverr. I have 4yrs+ of Exp building things from scratch & taking it to market!
I have experience in many things, starting from Market research, User research, Wireframe development, IT Project management, Product testing, Facebook Ads, Blogs, Google Ad words, Social media design, Funding, Business Presentation…etc.

I have just started on Fiverr & thinking to build profile gradually. Will it worth to spend a few months to build a profile? Can it be a stable income source for me?

Please share your experience :slight_smile:


Yes, however do not make it your only source…


Thank you very much :+1:

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Definition of stable: firmly fixed

How much money you make on Fiverr will very much vary from month to month. There is nothing firmly fixed about it. Just don’t put all your eggs in one basket and hope for the best.


Nope, this is extremely unstable. You have no control over any violations on your account, and therefore your account and income is vulnerable to be stopped at any random time. As I’m sure you’re aware, many sellers are receiving unfair violations which are not in their control. Not only this, but any issues you have will never be solved because of a lack of customer support available.

A stable source of income is a full-time job, and this assumes you will never get fired, laid off, the company won’t go out of business, etc.

The good news is that on Fiverr, buyers can find you! So if you have good gigs with good prices, you can get orders. How many orders and how much you’ll make is a different issue.

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If you want a stable income, freelancing/self-employment isn’t the way forward. You aren’t guaranteed the same paycheck every month, at least not without careful planning and hard work. Even then, unforeseen circumstances can make it difficult to sustain a stable income source as someone who is self-employed/a freelancer.

Fiverr can, however, work in helping you to build a stable income. The most important thing to remember is that it’s best to have several different income sources going at once. Don’t put all your eggs is one basket effectively, as is a popular phrase here in the UK. Think of Fiverr as one way of bringing in an income, but have other things on the go, too. I’ve been working on diversifying my income for a couple of months and it’s definitely made me happier when I look at my bank account.

P.S: Fiverr “fame” doesn’t happen overnight. Hard work, months of commitment, and a good knowledge of online marketing can really help, but it’ll be some time before Fiverr can offer you a stable income, if ever. You’ll have good and bad months (you often see posts about it on the forum), but the good months are what makes it worth sticking around to ride out the bad ones.


I find this topic to be so important and overall underrated. From what I have seen people tend to find something that (more or less) works for them and stick with it. While this may work for some, you never know what tomorrow brings. As a freelancer you want to be as independent as possible. There are so many stories out there of people quitting their “normal” job to invest all of their time and effort into something that seems to work out. Again, you never know what tomorrow brings and chances are if you do not diversify your source of income, one day you may find yourself struggling paying your bills. Do not argue with reality, but the order should never been cancelled, but my gig should be ranking better, new sellers are being promoted… Just don’t argue with reality. This is what happens and for you it is important to understand how it works so that you can plan around it. In other words, go for many things, do not stick with something in particular - diversify.

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That’s not fair! We sellers should take some action for this. They can’t violate account without proper reason.

I think before you built up your own customer base on fiverr you shouldn’t ask this question, just not yet the right time for you to consider this question, too early.

Meanwhile when you have enough of your customer base, then you’ll know the answer yourself.

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Experience doesn’t count if you can’t market well, try to market your gigs, learn how to write the description well, check my gigs if you wish.

And these tips might be nice for you

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