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Is Fiverr Support even paying attention?

I recently had a potential buyer asking to communicate outside Fiverr and I said no. Later, I got an email from Fiverr CS saying that I had a bad mark on my account because I was apparently “caught” trying to communicate outside Fiverr’s messaging system. This bad mark could later lead to a suspension of my account.

Baffled, I sent a ticket to CS, saying that I literally hadn’t given out any information and I even included a screencap of the conversation between me and the potential buyer. I didn’t give out information. In fact, I clearly declined it and stated that it was against the Terms and Conditions to give out information.

Later, I got a very cold response back. The bad mark was removed from my account in a “one time deal” and I was sharply told to not do it again, even though I never did it.

Can Fiverr please pay more attention to what’s going on? I have people who message me all the time, saying they want to communicate through email or telephone, and I always decline. I won’t stand for getting bad marks on my account for things I never did.

I wouldn’t worry about it. And in the future ignore any message like that. Do not even reply. And take a screenshot of it and save it.

What misscrystal said is right. Not only do I ignore it, I take a screen shot and send to CS to have that account removed for violating Fiverr TOS.

But I do believe Fiverr CS is not paying attention these days to a lot of things.

“A one time deal.” As if you’re on trial and that’s what they offered you in a plea bargain!

Will you accept their erroneous indictment? Don’t they owe you a humbled apology if the facts you allege are correct? Will you accept their sharp, parental tone full of false assumptions? [-X

Hm yep i do think fiverr needs to hire more staff as it seems they are overworked.

Basically you were told to break the terms next time!

This happened to me about two weeks ago, i sent CS a message right away with a screen shot of the alert on my page and asked them what specific message they saw my personal contact information go out in… they couldn’t provide it because i’ve never done it, nor will i ever as i do extremely well on Fiverr and i’d be stupid to jeopardize that for a few measly extra dollars.

But i do get lots of messages and orders with company emails, phone numbers, etc for their scripts (i do videos) and made CS aware that this is what probably triggered the alert.

CS was extremely nice and polite via email, said they’d remove the mark and that was the end of the story - but i didn’t get anything rude said to me like “one time deal” or anything… they knew it was their mistake.

same thing happened with me… Fiverr took away my level 1 badge.

I emailed them countless number of times and they just said you violated the terms. when I really didnt and showed them a screen shot.

I believe I have also reached level 2 now but fiverr said they will not upgrade my account. I have to email them again in the next 3 weeks for them to review my account.

While I agree you should just not reply, I also think Fiverr CS was out of line. In fact, they are out of line more often than not these days.

When people do this to me I send them a message telling them it is against the TOS and press the report button, in addition to taking a screenshot.

Reply to @reboundman2014: they told me some bull…

Reply to @mimie01: Not to mention that after you mutually cancel, reviews are removed automatically…

:slight_smile: Today a buyer asked support to cancel the gig so he could get his money back even though I offered several times to refund after he left a negative review because he simply didn’t respond to my instructions and after that he asked for something that he didn’t pay . Of course, support cancelled the gig and left the review :slight_smile: I get so excited when this happens :slight_smile: I just love it.

Reply to @mimie01: It is absolute garbage. It is THEIR site…they have FULL CONTROL over the comments. If they can suddenly disable someone’s gig or even their entire PROFILE, they can remove a lousy review.

I completely agree with the OP.

No one should need to be a part of the Fiverr TOS Police in order to have their account be safe.

This whole “snitch” culture of if you see something, say something is very chilling and I don’t want it in my life.