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Is Fiverr support normally this slow? Being harrassed by my buyer

Hi, so essentially I completed an order for a buyer. Due to the nature of the order(Server management), there is no ‘end product’ aside from his server working as intended which gave him way to abuse the system. The first time I hit ‘deliver’, he requested a modification and came up with an entirely different problem for me to fix, and I did so because I thought why not? Second time as well, and third…

From here to there, we are now on the seventh modification and he keeps asking for new things for me to fix. I put my foot down and told him no, redelivered the order several times but he keeps rejecting it. Time’s running out on me and soon it’s gonna be past its due date. I also tried to mutually cancel but he cancelled that as well.

What are my options? I tried contacting Fiverr support but it has been over 30 hours and I have not received an answer.

Did you ask customer support to cancel the order for you?
In some cases it does take CS a longer time to respond, I hope you have enough time
left for the CS to respond.
You might want to leave a clear description in your gig of the number of modifications
you are willing to do. 7 is way too much in my opinion, you could have stopped around the 3rd time.

I also faced similar problem where info was not submitted on time and buyer was not ready to cancel the order. Now, I am sitting with a negative feedback for not delivering on time. Anyway, contacted CS and I think they will take more than 3 days.

But whenever you do modification I will suggest you to write a line like “We usually charge for this but will not charge this time…” Also, as @zeus77 suggests clearly mention number of revisions you will give in your description .

If a buyer wants to screw you over, fiverr is the best place to do it.

There are multiple species of buyers that will always try to scam you into offering more than what you agreed upon.

I have been having this problem for some time now and I cannot find a solution.

If you are trying to get away from a bad deal… you can …but it will cost you a negative review or some wasted time on work that will never be paid :frowning:

It`s the way fiverr works -

Don’t give up on mutual cancellation effort. Try again and be more forceful with your message. I had buyers who cancel the mutual cancellation, I submit again, they cancel, I submit again and so on. Each time I leave a message telling them I’m not going to work on their gig so they my as well accept the mutual cancellation or Fiverr will cancel the gig wasting both of our times.

So keep doing the mutual cancellation thing — it stops the clock