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Is Fiverr Trolling Me? Views more than Impressions

I am new on Fiverr as a seller, I have 18 Impressions, 18 clicks and 54 views on my gig, i was wondering is it possible that you get views more than impressions on fiverr. It clearly looks broken to me is it just me or any body else is facing same problem? and if anyone knows how to fix it?

I really wonder why people always run into conclusions, specially to say ā€œthings are brokenā€, before even taking their time to search for informationā€¦ :roll_eyes:

Here, please read


views are calculated when someone clicks after visiting your profile, not from the search results. When you promote your GIG on social media, blogs, etc and someone clicks on your gig link then this will count as a view, not a click.


thanks for your time.

Thank you, it really helped me, i was worrying if something is wrong with my gig.