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Is Fiverr working ok on mobile devices for everyone?

Ok, not on about the app. I have that but it is buggy as hell. I get notifications of new messages but can rarely ever see them. What is bugging me at the moment is that on my windows tablet, half of the Fiverr website itself is cut off which means I can’t respond to messages or send deliveries on the go.

If anyone else is using Fiverr on a mobile windows device, could you therefore let me know if the site is working for you? I don’t think the problem is with my tablet as every other website loads fine.

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I know this might sound silly but did you try clearing your browser, cookies, cache etc?
And if so did you try a different browser?

I dont think its a good idea to use mobile device like tab or phone to delivery any orders,
Delivering orders is a matter of everything. So you should have all setup in your laptop or computer desk whatever you have, and do it properly, Windows tab are not so good so it will make problem its obvious, Fiverr app is fine yet, But sometimes it does not send me notification, may be net connection issues.
How ever, Have a nice day,and work from your pc,apps and other things can be used for communication and checking, nothing more,

I’m on Chrome for Kindle (7" proprietary Android) now and it displays fine. Firefox for Kindle does too. I can do most things I do on PC. I can’t complete a buyer review on Kindle and never could, but I can even make light gig edits and do all message tasks.

Chrome works OK for me on my 5.5inch screen. No major browser issues. On Fiverr App, there’s this ‘pop up’ whenever the App launches; tap it and the App closes, tap elsewhere and everything works fine. Mine is Android version 4.1.2 and it could be general compatibility issues with older Android versions.

Please don’t tell people how to do their job. You know nothing about how I work or what devices I use.

Yes, both cleared cookies and tried a different browser. Never mind.

It works well on my android phone (Marshmallow), actually right now I could log in on my laptop, look at a review and message I´d gotten, but then suddenly for any other page I click, I get a is down error (isitdownforeveryone tells me though that it´s just me), but on the app everything seems to work. If it stays down on my laptop I might have to try delivering through the phone later this day, never did that until now.
I don´t have a windows mobile device, well, a surface pro, but it´s the desktop version on there, works just fine, but that doesn´t help you of course. I´m not sure if it´s possible to run the surface in some mobile device mode so that I could install the app, I can try in the evening, don´t have it here now.

@fiverrcraze Are you serious? If you want to be tied to your computer that is up to you but other people have a life and using the Fiverr app or a mobile device enables you to work and deliver orders from anywhere.

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Hi there,

I have a Windows 10 Mobile device, with a 6.8" screen, and besides the fact that there is not a Fiverr App for Windows Phones/phablets, using Windows 10 Mobile Microsoft Edge browser, Fiverr website does not show any longer. I find a message that says “It is Time To Upgrade Your Browser. Sorry, but the browser you are using in not supported by Fiverr…”
I do not know if it is a matter of settings on my device, but all the other websites are visible except Fiverr. I do not know if this is convenient for Fiverr.
I think Fiverr should do something.
Anyone experiencing the same problem?

There are some more bugs on fiverr, you can’t select your gig according to your choice , when you want to send buyer request. Painful, isn’t it