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Is fiverr working?


Is fiverr working? So many sellers face lots of challenges in making sells on fiverr, because they are new to the business,it can be frustrating though.What you have to do is to promote your Gig,so buyers can see what you do fiverr. I most tell you the truth,fiverr is really working.


It doesn’t help that thousands of gigs on here now look like clones, all following the exact same recipe laid out by the same 2 ebooks.

Everybody has sussed it out and doesn’t want to work with these people: fake pictures of beautiful girls, impersonal profiles, gigs where the work is thrown through a spinner or completely outsourced, etc. It was fine for a few, but with many now doing it, the system has become old.

The successful sellers will be the ones using their own initiative and providing a personal, customer-oriented experience. For anybody reading who thinks they can follow old-school formulas and be a success on here, I’m afraid you probably missed the boat.


Fiverr has millions of buyers to give to you, but your first reviews can be rough.

So you should focus on social networking and advertising yourself AND fiverr.

It’s a win-win, but YOU need to help FIVERR first :slight_smile: