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Is Fiverr your full time job?


I am a very small seller, with only 3 orders so far. I hope to one day use Fiverr as at least a part time job, and if all goes really well, maybe even full time job. I wonder how many of you have Fiverr as your full time job? If so, are you happy as having Fiverr as your full time job? Do you make a good amount of money? Thanks!


For me it pretty much is my full time job now. I make a wonderful amount of money after 3 years. But you have to work it as a business. This means making deadlines, not overextending, great communication with the buyer and so on. My mantra is under promise and over deliver!

That being said you have to have a product or service that is in need. So research is also a big key in deciding what to sell. Then research to see what the market will bear. Creating a compelling sales pitch is a must too.

I love fiverr. What it stands for. What it has given me. In one word, “FREEDOM”!


Glad to hear it’s working out for you! I also one day hope to have it as a full time job.


This is my only earning method.
I love it.


Not yet, but I hope soon! :slight_smile:


I can happily and gratefully say fiverr is my full time job. I was making way more than I was at my old job so I made the “leap”. It’s cool, I’m very happy. Very lucky to live in this day in age. It does take a lot of self discipline though.


That’s great to hear!

Do you also simultaneously look out for job openings? or have you decided for this leap to be a permanent one?


Yes, I am ! Loving it to be here.


Thank you. When I left my job I did so vowing to never put myself in this situation ==> Completely miserable.

So I don’t look for other job openings (in the traditional sense) per say… but I do have and always am building up other forms of income. I was freelancing on the side before I joined fiverr… that has too somewhat of grown and then I also own a few websites.

I like to think of it as a semi-permanent stepping stone… so that If fiverr sinks, I’ll be ok.


That is why I phrased it as ‘other job openings’ instead of calling it a ‘real job’ like some people do. There’s a slight nuance in being a freelancer (mostly no control over potential leads), independent consultant (partial control over leads) and a complete business (total control over leads). In that sense, a traditional job IS actually riskier because there is ZERO control over potential leads. Our current boss IS our permanent lead. If one falls out of favor with this one person, then it’s back to job hunting.

Every industry has its own set of managerial quirks which affects the core talent in that industry. In the programming world, our managers, especially HR managers are the most hated people.

HR managers are mostly not tech people, they follow this career path : liberal arts > social science > psychology > gender studies > certificate course in workplace harassment > MBA in HR (No touch with the programming world, just ‘people skills’ degrees). That’s why programmers hate HR people. This is the only aspect about the tech world that I hate. Non-tech HRs deciding the career graph of tech people. ==> Completely miserable.


Obviously I can’t say from experience, but it looks like having Fiverr as your full time job is much better than having a “real job”. You’re self employed, you work on things that you most likely enjoy, and they are things that you are good at. You can also make a very good amount of money, even more money than you could make in many other jobs.


Fiverr isn’t my sole source of revenue, but I am self-employed/freelance full-time and at this point I wouldn’t be able to continue without the help of Fiverr. It plays a big role. Thank you Fiverr!


i need full time web development work


@generatecashbiz Is this your ONLY source of income?


@kanishkaseo How long did it take for you to make this your only earning method?


I do this part time. I work full time. I could not see using Fiverr not freelancing as a full time job. Not in the writing category.

  1. Having to pay for my own insurance would be expensive. I teach and have nice benifits.
  2. Very uncertain income.
  3. I would imagine multiple income streams, including Fiverr work best.

Kudos to those who do it full time!


It should read ‘your full time job’

I work full time at what I do but I don’t rely on fiverr for all my customers.


Yes, Fiverr is my full-time job, and has been so ever since I signed up around 3 years ago. I make decent money here by Indian standards (but not by US standards). But I am not dependent on it, for reasons I have discussed in the past here on this forum.


It is starting today, I just finished to fill a document which will allow me to become a legal micro-entrepreneur (French thing).
I started Fiverr last month, and it seems I’m going to be able to make good money (at least for me) staying here, so there I am.


Its full time job for me, I am house bounded girl and I never thought that I can earn online. I tried every other site but its too difficult to get a job there and those sites are really difficult to understand. still I don’t know how to use those sites. but when I used fiverr it was too easy and I got my first order within 24 hours of creating my gig. its been a year and I earned $5000+ and I am the richest person in my house. haha