Is Fiverr Your Main Source For You To pay Bills?


Hi Everyone
Good Day
I am Victor and my gigs are all about graphics design. I just wonder if this Fiverr is your main source for all your money. I am confuse is there a lot of fake buyer since I have submitted Buyer Request around five Hundred but only got 3 orders for the last 3 months. is there something wrong or just a fake buyers?
is there another way to promote your Gigs or your service out there beside from Fiverr?


Here’s what might be holding buyer from buying your gigs -

  1. You offer graphic designing but the preview in all your gig images is just 3 lines of text. It does not attract a buyer looking for graphic designs.
  2. There are thousands of other sellers submitting offers in the BR why do you expect the buyers to pick you with only 2 reviews when they have offers from other sellers with hundreds of reviews?
  3. Linking your portfolio in your profile description is against the ToS because only some certain links are allowed to be used on Fiverr. You should use Flickr.
  4. DOERS is plural, so using A is wrong. It might show buyers that you are not good in communication.


Heads up, you are on point. I agree with you.


What’s the purpose of your video? Just curious.


thanks for your suggestion
but in your opinion what should i add on my preview gigs?
as a new guy of course i have struggle in providing hundred review
may be you have suggestions that might help me in the future


of course for promotional purpose


Remove the video and use images.
For e.g. use the 3rd image of your Flyer gig for the preview.


but the Fiverr said use video to boost sales
how about that??


Having a video just for the sake of having it is a big no-no.
Your video is no way related to your service.


What are you promoting?

What in your video is unique or enticing from the million other gigs that would make me buy? Why would I watch it?

I am a buyer - buyer only.


Your gig is in a competitive marketplace. There may be some fake buyers out there, but you need to up your game to attract the real buyers. Look at what your competitors are doing and make sure that you stack up against them.

Good luck.


Yes it’s my main source