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Is fiverr's customer support really messed up?


…Well, the answer is unfortunately a HUGE YES!

Fiverr’s customer support is acting like its really MESSED UP.

Why should they have so much bias towards “protecting” buyers that they make sellers feel absolutely powerless whenever there is a seller-buyer order dispute.

A buyer reported to CS that he wasn’t satisfied with my order and wanted to cancel. And guess what, without asking me (the seller) whether the buyer’s claim was correct or not, CS IMMEDIATELY cancels the order.

Now that’s a really MESSED UP judgment and it should really stop. Find out from both sides before taking action. Some buyers are crooked and will attempt to get a refund for the SILLIEST of reason.

Do your work well Fiverr CS and make noble sellers on Fiverr feel protected also.


they can do anything - you’ve no choice rather than listen them :wink: - Don’t argue with them…just feel, dispute is part of any business :slight_smile:


Fiverr Customer Support does its best to be impartial in all disputes. Perhaps there was valid reason – as they saw it – to force-cancel that order. Perhaps you broke some rules, or maybe you didn’t keep your cool with the buyer… there are many possible reasons why CS might have sided with your buyer. But I can assure you, Fiverr is NOT messed up, nor do they have poor judgement just because they chose to cancel that one order.


CS does not automatically cancel if the buyer requests it. They make decisions in the seller’s favor sometimes. They look at the order, and at the seller’s reputation.