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Is forum posting effective for gigs

Is forum posting beneficial for gigs improvements or not? If yes then how? Kindly sahre your experience. Thanks


It depends on what you are posting.
If your posts are valuable and others see you as an expert on the matter then they might hire you, but I wouldn’t count on it. It doesn’t happen very often as most buyers don’t visit it.

You might get a sale from a fellow seller who likes your posts, but if a regular from the forum hires you then most likely you’re already an established seller.



Can I ask you where you got this idea?


If you ask for advice and actually apply the good ones, yes, it can make your gigs better.

You can also learn a lot from the forum.

However, if you’re asking whether posting on the forum will bring you tons of sales, the answer is no.


I am just asking for gigs improvements thanks you got my point.
Thank you for clear ans.

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