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Is fraud going out there?

Hello, I’m new on Fiverr and really don’t understand what’s going on here. I posted very simple task, hoping to find convenient freelancer for ongoing work. As I personally familiar with the subject I know that my task can be easily completed in 15-30 minutes. 12 people replied (most of them from India, BTW) and it turned out that NONE of them really know what to do and how to do. Frustrated conversations with them took enormous amount of time but I really don’t understand what the reason behind. Why all these guys chat with me? What do they hope? Do they hope to get some fraudulent payments?

I take it you posted on Buyer’s Requests. You will get a lot of people applying, everyone is trying to get their hands on a bit more money. The trying to chat with you, might be either cultural or desperation.

Unless they take you out of Fiverr for payment or offer other dodgy methods, there’s no fraud.

You might be better off finding the category for your task and search a seller with good reviews.

Good luck.

We have a HUGE population though.

What service do you need? Maybe I can help you! Also, about people who apply on every single buyer request. I think they are just stupid or don’t speak English well to understand the difference between buyers requests.

I am sorry to hear about your plight. It is very unfortunate that the serious sellers don’t always see the offers made by the real buyers. However, I am not aware that there is any fraud here, though some persons may not know what is required of them.

Anyways, do feel free to check out my services and if any of my gigs are of interest to you, do not hesitate to contact me.

All the best.

Reply to @venisha and @nikriaz : And that is a really good point to keep in mind. The really great sellers don’t need to go sorting through buyer requests to begin with, they have enough jobs already. It’s going to be the new sellers or inexperienced people that are searching through and contacting you.

Also, may we ask what the task is that you were requesting?

hi nikiriaz , sorry about all the stress those guys put you through. May i ask what task you are requesting? maybe i can be of help to you

you can click on my profile and see if my services interest you.

A bit disappointing how the buyer comes here to complain about overwhelming overselling and the sellers come here to do it even more. :frowning: