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Is front-end and landing pages development a dead nich?

hello everyone ,im a front-end developer and i’ve returned to fiverr before a couple of months trying to sell “landing pages development” gigs but it seems like no one is intresting in them , is that or im doing something wrong , can anyone of you give me some advice or maybe cheking my gigs and tell me whats wrong with them .

Your “manage gigs” links won’t work for anyone except you.

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ow sorry i didnt notice that
its fixed now

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You could change the one that has “develope” as part of the gig title and change it to"develop". Both of them have it as part of the URL. It says “develope” as part of the description in one of them so it could be changed there too.

Your “I will make a high converting HTML landing page for your affiliate offers in 24h” gig has a 2 day delivery in every package so it doesn’t really match with the title that says “in 24h”.

Also check that any URLs you are using in the gig description are on the allowed list as if they’re not the gig could get denied (eg. the one you’re using for demos might not on the allowed list).

It might not be a dead niche, there just might be a lot of competition for it. There’s around 9000 other landing page gigs.

thank you very much mate

how can you know the competition on your gig ?

Do a search in the main Fiverr section (you might have to got to buying mode if you’re logged in).

eg. in the Fiverr search bar you could search for “landing page” to see the landing page gigs in the current search filter.

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thank you ill do it now

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