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Is game session not breaking the ToS?

I have a gig where I provide game sessions. Now there is a rule in ToS that all communications should be on fiverr. But to deliver a best game session to your buyer, you gotta talk atleast while having a game session with him/her. I am totally confused now.

If you need clarification suggest you contact Customer Support for permission and advice as to how you should proceed.

Here is the link:

Sellers can usually organise off-site contact only if that’s what’s required for them to complete their gig. As much communication as possible should be conducted through the order page; although, obviously it’s ok to chat during your game.

This is a general rule. Please note my post isn’t intended to replace the advice given by official Fiverr material and CS.


Thanks for the help! I have contacted the CS support though.


Also Screenshotting 1-2 pictures while doing a game session can serve as great proof that I completed buyer’s order right?

I would imagine so. Plus, don’t lots of games have logs? So, if you got into any trouble, you could screenshot a pic of your log.

It’d be cool if those with gaming gigs chimed in, but I’m not sure if there any who regularly use the forum.

What you’re asking is part of the Industries section on the Fiverr page. Under Industries click Gaming, then Gamers & Streamers followed by Game Sessions.

Yea …we can learn more experiences if diversity keeps on increasing on Fiverr!

Yea I already did that… I meant that through game sessions ToS are kinda getting violated ( it’s also in lifestyle category)

I wanted to ask something… why some link show “1 bubble emoji” on side of the link? Sorry if it’s kinda off topic

It’s a gray area for sure and would be nice if these things were clarified when announcements are made. This even came up in the discussion for the news post and there’s yet to be a response to it.

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I don’t know what you mean. Haven’t seen this.

You/he might mean the thingie that indicates how many times a link was clicked.
This forum grants badges for all kinds of stuff, like if a certain number of people clicked a link you posted, you’ll get a “popular link” badge.

On topic - it’s best to get permission from support for the whole gig (not per order/buyer) to share contact info/use xy system/site to chat with your customers, and make sure to share such info only on the actual order page (not in messages/chat).