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Is Gig favorite is important for gig Ranking?

i am new in I have created some gig but i found no sell on them. i am really very depressed now. But i don’t give up my work.

i have question to top seller. Is gig favorite is important for gig promotion?


In a way gig favorite imparts good impression on the buyer.
It is not necessary that your gig must be favorite and you will not get orders.
It is only for good impression.

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thank for your kind information. but what is the best way to get sell?

One of the great ways is to be honest in your profile description, instead of copying someone else’s (and claiming that someone else’s website is yours).


Alternatively, go to Buyers request and make impressive proposals to prospective buyers to describe how fit you are for the job. That can also help

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And then they check him out, realize that he stole his profile description from someone else and that he’s making false claims, and make the perfectly reasonable decision not to buy from him. Ever.


Wow! Interesting! Does that describe a Seller?

thanks for your kind information