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Is giving discount actually helpful?

Hello! I was going over a thread on this forum and someone replied that he boosted his initial growth by giving discounts at the beginning. Now my question is, how effective giving discounts is? Does it really fire up your sales (given that your portfolio is pretty decent). Would it be a good idea to mention discount in the gig title? I am a logo designer, would giving discounts help me in grabbing more order?

Another question. I was reading somewhere that if you attach a video to your gig, fiverr straight up put it in recommended section. How true is this? Has someone from you added a video and noticed a growth in your sales?

Hoping to hear your personal experiences!

Buyers often feel a little anxious about purchasing from new sellers. There’s no social proof to reassure them that the transaction will go smoothly.

Offering discounts can be one way to help a buyer overcome some of their anxiety.

You can offer discounts using the custom order feature, but I think it’s better to discount your service entirely – if you do choose to go down this route. More people will be aware of your discount if its built into your Gig’s pricing.

I don’t think you’d need to mention your discount in your title, but you could mention it in your description.

This isn’t true.

Fiverr does, however, seem to have a penchant for videos. If you’re able to create a professional-looking video that highlights your strengths, then by all means do it. There’s a good chance it’ll boost your level of engagement (you’ll have to test to know for certain).

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@ahmwritingco thanks for your useful help!

Now, there’s a way I have been thinking to give a discount. Like offering a standard package in a price of basic, a premium package in a price of standard package, and a premium package with free gig extras. That would only be for first 30 orders. Do you think that would be a good and lucrative deal?

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Any time!

A good deal is subjective, so I can’t say for sure whether customers would clamber for your products if they were on sale for cheaper.

I can say, though, that many sellers started out by offering similar discounts. Some have gone on to become very successful.

Our own forum mods recommend discounting as one strategy to boost sales.

Got it man, much thanks!

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