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Is Google Drive Delivery Correct? What If Buyer Cancels After Getting The File?

What If I deliver Through Google Drive and then The Buyer Cancels His Order and gives fake excuses and says that he dint like the work and gets the work for free?
What will happen of all the hard work that I have put up??

Second Question-
When I Deliver a Work and Buyer Gets to see it, Does he see it without Watermark ? Can he download it and then ask for cancellation???


When I delivery any work, first I sent just jpg preview file and I add watermark of fiverr myself. After the buyer is happy and after we make revisions I send fikes with google drive if the size of posters is more big than 300MB and he can’t find any reason to cancel order etc.

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What If I have a Video Delivery sized 300 mb?
I cant put up watermarks then. And He can easily Get the file In Drive and then Say He is unsatisfied and look for cancellation. Will Fiverr Help Me?
I dont think

Always can put water mark logo or text on the video!

Deliver normal quality video with watermark…after he mark order as complete then deliver original file.

That was a good question
I also provide g drive link
But i shouldnt