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Is Google Drive OK?


A buyer asked me to deliver content via Google Drive. Am I correct in assuming this would go against Fiverr’s rules?

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Here’s the thing: you have to use the delivery button, and you have to deliver something.

However, many of my buyers don’t know how to open a ZIP file that I send them via the regular Fiverr delivery message, so here’s what I do: I attach the files in the delivery message, and I also upload them on GoogleDrive and tell the buyer in the delivery message that they can also access the files via a Google Drive link that I make for them.

Attached you’ll find a ZIP archive with your delivery. In case you’re having problems with the download, you can also view/open all the individual files online using this link: ■■■■■■/the_shortened_GDrive_url

So yeah, Dropbox and Google Drive deliveries are OK only if they are an addendum to your regular Fiverr delivery, which, if I remember well, must not be text only and thus you are required to deliver at least a file.

P.S. conclusion: it would not be ok if you delivered a simple message with the drive link and no attachments (unless, of course, Fiverr is having technical issues and one cannot upload the files)

Drop box or google drive?

There is a link i didn’t find it. It shows all supported link that you can use and i think google driver isn’t there.
I remember one time i created a link from other site. It was clean and there is no way buyer could find me outside fiverr using that link so i asked support center and they allowed me to use it.

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That link has nothing to do with the delivery message or order messages, which is the issue in this thread - the link you mention is only about URLs allowed in Gig Descriptions or Fiverr Profiles :wink:


Thanks and yes this is the link.
I don’t get the part where you mentioned "these link has nothing to do with the delivery message"
i use these link to deliver my content

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The link you mentioned says “What URLs can I use in my profile or gig description” - that link does not say what links you are allowed to use in your delivery message, because that is a different matter.

You can use those links in your delivery message, of course, but this thread was concerned about whether google drive links are allowed in delivery messages, not in profile or gig description like that link said.

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Thanks man and yes it does say “profile or gig description” and i thought it means overall like in delivery or discussion section we can only use these links. What was i thinking
but yeah now i know these links are only for profile and gig description and we can use other links when we talk to client on conversation section or delver something.
Thanks again.

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Think of it this way: I work with clients’ websites, so I have received from my clients over 10,000 website links in my orders all these years, both in instructions and in messages, and nothing happened.

However, if you are unsure about a particular link to be used in delivery, I strongly recommend asking CS whether it’s allowed or not :wink:


Thank you, everyone! I’ll double check with CS, but it sounds like it’s ok to use.


I don’t know about the google drive but seller send me their files using dropbox also i remember fiverr mobile app has feature attach file using dropbox

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Yes, Google Drive is ok. You can share Google Drive link for big amount file size.

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Great stuff, I was wondering about this myself.


Great Question
You can submit Data in google drive. Just put the link of google drive in a notepad file and then send it to fiverr.


This would become an issue only when your buyer open a dispute with fiverr in that case fiverr checks if you delivered the order, lets say if you have used weTransfer which removes the uploads after sometime. So always recommended to use fiverr upload, else if you use Google drive make sure to include the link inside the delivery message