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Is hacking a fiverr account even possible, after you have followed all the security measures. The answer is NO?


So I was just sitting in front of my computer wondering what it would take for someone to “hack” your account then proceed to withdraw your money.
Knowing your password – Well for this someone could use a keylogger but any decent anti virus automatically detects it.
Lets assume they already got your password. Now they need to click on withdraw then also magically know your email you withdraw with and the password. The email I use to log into fiverr is different from my paypal email.
Lets assume they know all my email passwords. Well then gmail would ask them to verify their identity since they are trying to access in a different computer or phone. To verify the identity they would need to have my phone number and my phone and my security key question and answer.
OK. Well what if they change the email associated with fiverr? Then they would have to verify it through the email verification sent to my email address that they can’t login because they don’t have me.

Bottom line is that the people who claim that their accounts have been hacked and all the money withdrawn to a different account are somewhat lying. Their accounts most likely were milked dry by someone a family member who has access to all of their info.



If they know your fiverr password couldn’t they change that when they access your account?
And also could they change the email the notifications go to? And the Paypal address?
As I recall, someone was saying that happened to them recently, and then the password was changed back to the original one, or at least that’s what it sounded like.

I think that seller also said that he had the money returned to his account by fiverr.


In order to changer your password they need your security question and answer. In order to change your email they need to have access to the email address to click on the verification sent by fiverr.


Also, if you fail to enter the correct password :three: times, Fiverr automatically locks your account until you contact Customer Support.


Also if they click on “I forgot” for the the security answer, they are prompted to contact Support and go through a simple yet very hard to beat verification process.


Actually, I think it is possible. All you need is a good phishing email and to target someone a bit on the slow side. In fact, if i was an evil man, I reckon I’d be a super scammer. Within a year I’d have Indian fake Microsoft tech support and Nigerian 419 scammers traveling thousands of miles to prostrate themselves before me in worship.

Sadly, although I can make plans to be super bad when it comes to the execution, I feel God and my dead Nan watching me. Get me a celestial restraining order and I’ll rule the world. Until then, I’ll just have to make do with living on my sofa surrounded by empty jars of peanut butter.


Did you read anything below the title?? Once you get a good phishing email how will you verify any of my info? Lets say gmail asks you for my phone number then send a one time password to the number. What then? As for the nigerians and indians worshipping, I have no comment.


Creamy or Crunchy? :thinking:


If hacking and scamming wasn’t worth it, people wouldn’t try. I can’t say how I would do it exactly but I dare say it is entirely possible if someone has the determination.


Crunchy, however, I try not to limit myself.


It ain’t about the worth, it’s about whether it is possible or not and since you dare say how you would do it, it only proves it ain’t possible.


I smell a feisty gauntlet throwdown!


I’m not writing a post about how I would theoretically try to hack a Fiverr account. It would be pointless without final proof of such a methods success. Plus it could give people ideas. Hacking happens. Nothing is secure and complacency breeds security weaknesses in the first place.

Sorry, no fight or nee naw nee naw of the Mod police on this one. Besides, I’m marathon watching The 100. - So silly but so enthralling.


What’s The 100 about? I am half watching War of the Worlds and hating on Tom “Shit Dad” Cruise. I am enjoying the firey train of death and special FX though.


It’s basically lord of the flies. Teenagers sent down from a space station to see if the Earth is habitable after a nuclear war 100 years in the past. Lots of spaceship explosions, interference by unexpected spear throwing tribespeople, teenage who’s screwing who angst, and now it seems, people who dress like they are from the 1950’s , live in a mountain and drink blood.

So silly, but… So enthralling.


P.S. I just remembered that I have the new version of The Ring. Might move onto that next but I’m all out of peanut butter and my dogs refusing to snuggle. - Not good for a horror flick this late at night.


Just finished War of the Worlds, the 100 can’t be any worse so I shall test the first episode.

War of the Worlds = steamer.


Careful, once you get through the silliness, it’s like popping a can of audiovisual pringles.


That whole “kill prisoners as soon as they hit 18” thing reminds me of another Netflix special I haven’t watched, only in that series it’s some weird village.