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Is I need to improve my gig?

Hai Everyone. I’m new to Fiverr. I created my gigs recently. There is no order till now, is it because that my gig are not good the covid19 pandemic issue effects. Can Anyone give me suggestions
My profile link is -


i visit you profile there i see you open your account 2017 still no order, my suggest for you

  1. daily send 10 buyer request .
  2. share you gig.
  3. marketing you gig in social media.
  4. always active on fiverr on your PC

Hope you will get order soon, Best of luck bro.

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Hi. Please accept the following in the friendly and helpful way that I intend…

Although you say you’re new to Fiverr, your profile states you’ve been a member since May 2017. When sellers can’t get any sales and they’ve been on Fiverr for some considerable time, the clues are to be found in their profile and gig descriptions.

Firstly, your profile description talks about ‘Whitebiard Explainer Videos’ and ‘Priemere Pro’. You obviously mean ‘Whiteboard’ and ‘Premiere’ - but this isn’t what your description states.

Also in your profile description, your use of upper and lowercase letters and character spaces is all over the place with at least a dozen errors - that’s a lot of mistakes in around 50 words.

Even your own name is shown incorrectly. You’ve also written one of the world’s most famous brandnames incorrectly. This is all important because…

Secondly, you claim ‘Perfection Makes Me Unique’ and your English is ‘Fluent’. Clearly it isn’t.

What you promise doesn’t match the reality of your offering. People can see that. And this is the important bit: given the mismatch, why should a potential buyer trust you? You say one thing, but deliver something else.

All that is only from your profile description of around 50 words. I haven’t even looked at your gigs.

If you can’t get the very basics right after three years, then it’s no surprise that you haven’t received any orders in that time. If you can’t get your own name correct, then why is a buyer going to trust you to get their brand right?

As I said, please accept that in the spirt I intend - to be helpful.

Thank you so much for your priceless suggestions.

Do you custom make the video, because there are a lot of people using intro template to finish the work. Most people like customise and unique in their videos

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