Is it a bad idea to ask Fiverr to feature your gig?


I made a post yesterday asking how to get your gig featured. One person told me to ask Fiverr to feature it. Is this a good idea? Will this make Fiverr more prone to feature or just roll their eyes? And if it’s a good idea, how do you even ask them?


Assuming it’s possible to “get” your gig featured yourself, sounds good enough to me.

Wow-- you know you’re really good. Anyone else reading this? Do yourself a favor:

It may all come down to the delivery. Let them know you’re an experienced singer with a solid gig that you’ve been told is really good. Still fear the eye roll? Try posting in the ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ section and advertise to us (and the moderators ;))) first, someone down at HQ has to pop in sometime.

As far as being featured up front (prime real estate) remember “the twin-tithe that keeps fiverr alive”

25 gigs (no extras) @ $5 = $25

25 gigs (w/ 2 extras) @ $15 = $75 (MINIMUM)

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