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Is it a fraud or what?

Hi! Anybody had good results from Pakistan or it’s just a trick with gigs to get a money for nothing?


They kept on taking my money and the buyer did not get any order…

It depends. You cannot judge the quality of a gig just by looking at the nationality of the seller. I once ordered an article from an Indian seller, and he got the job well done. Maybe you could provide us with more details of that particular gig, so we can help you judge.

This is an old logo.

And this is extra paid "the “better and attractive version”


I don’t judge any nationality but it is happaned second time. Just a bad statistics.

Have you looked at his live portfolio? Google “Tips on finding logo designers on Fiverr” to find relevant tips on finding good logo designers on Fiverr.

@nedooleg: Don’t mind but if someone is offering a logo at $5, its already a shady deal. Making a unique and detailed logo takes at least a day (at least) so someone working his a** ff whole day for $5 is really needy. I am not saying they must be bad artists but you know what I mean.

Source: Been video and motion design artist for over a decade not selling here

I think you should’ve checked his ratings before placing an order. There are scammers in every country, and i don’t think its only confined to a certain country or geographic area. Usually, from my experience, i have noticed that when people contact a seller, its because he is claiming to provide something at impossible rates. Lured by severely discounted prices, you will only get the work which is worth 5$. Don’t expect to get 100$ of work for 5$. If you are looking for a 100$ work, pay 100 $.

Why are you only hiring from one specific country? YOu should be looking for the best logo designer.

Also that is not such a bad logo, not great, but you get what you pay for too. HOw much information did you provide the person about your business? Did you show samples of other businesses that you liked their logo? What kind of instruction are you giving? Your old logo is very non-descript - what kind of business this for?

I think the issue is price in general, not country. Find a really good logo designer, with many, MANY samples in their gigs, contact them ahead of time, get a quote and then see what you get.

Hi! I am Pakistani, you can check out my ratings and reviews, to get an idea about your claim that Pakistani people are fraud or etc. Moreover, you always get something according to your payments. Better investment better results. All the best.


Reply to @googlumooglu: Hi! There were no results at all, even “something”. Try to understand what wrote above. Suppose we’ve got different meaning of “fraud”.

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Reply to @sincere18: I’ll be ready to pay extra for prototype based work - now find just 2 similarities in the images I’ve deployed.

Reply to @willpower_hk: Thanks! I got it as an advise.


Hi, i am from Pakistan and i’m a Top Rated Seller here with Featured GIG. :slight_smile:

First of all no user on fiverr can trick the buyer and get the money and run away.

Customer support is always there to help both sellers and buyers. If a buyer does not get the result as advertised in the seller’s gig, he can dispute and get refund.

There are a lot of sellers on fievrr who are not providing good services and they are from every country of this world. Blaming specifically Pakistani Sellers is not a good approach.

I can show you many logo designers from Pakistan whoa re doing stunning and professional work and are top rated sellers as well their gigs are featured.

What you can do is, search people with good ratings and reviews and their work samples. Only then you will find a good designer for your logo requirement.

Hope i help you clearing your mind :slight_smile:



Reply to @wingle: Thank you but you don’t take take into account that I’ve wasted my time and money I paid to fiverr.

Reply to @wingle: From comment above: "…you always get something according to your payments. Better investment better results. " - is it a good approach for you?

You can’t win by pigeonholing an issue. Scammers are not concentrated in one geographical region. They can be from anywhere. You just have go to with the ratings. Someone with a couple of ratings is far more likely to dodge buyers than someone who has got a lot of ratings and is considerably invested in his/her Fiverr account.

So make sure to review the profile before ordering from or contacting any seller on Fiverr.

Reply to @dadoc93: I’m a newbie on fiverr so thanks for the advise.

Reply to @nedooleg: If you didn’t get what you paid for, report it to Fiverr and you’ll probably get your money back. That’s one of the great things about Fiverr - they’re the middle man, so the buyer can get their money back if the seller sucks, and the seller can get paid as long as they’ve done their job. No one should lose out on any deal.

If for some reason you can’t get your money back, the least you can do is leave that seller bad feedback. Feedback goes a long way here.