Is it a good idea to contact competitors clients for promoting your service?



I have been waiting to get my first order.

But even after around 100 impressions and 5 clicks i have failed to get an order.

I have implemented some recommendations given by a senior user, but also wanted to try reaching out to clients on my competitors profile, those who have given feedback.

Tell me is it allowed on fiverr? Will it be a good idea?

I’m kind of on the fence since it does not seem ethical to try to steal your competitor’s clients, unless you are a big corporation lol!


Please don’t - any unrequested communication is spam.

Also, only users who are sellers have a contact button, not buyers.

It would be a sure way to jeopardise your account, regardless of what you may have read elsewhere.


I suggest reading the Fiverr Academy, TOS and all the other stuff that is repeated ad nauseum on the forum instead of coming up with harebrained schemes that a) can’t be enacted, b) won’t work even if you could and c) will end up in you getting banned for spam.


OK, i understand, thank you.

I was about to make a typical newbie mistake, better start reading fiverr academy.

But is it allowed to atleast promote your gigs on social media, such as facebook groups?

Have you tried it? howhas been the experience?

Thank you.


Do some research, dear! It’s all out there! Your senior member sounds useless when it comes to help. I’d dump him.


I get messages like this a lot. I always make sure to report them to customer service. It is irritating as a buyer and also shows such a lack of business acumen that I don’t even consider them as people I would work with. Whoever gave you this idea is an idiot and you should not take any more of their advice. There is tonnes of advice on the forum if you just look for it. Good advice is endorsed by other sellers in the comments, bad advice is scorned so it is easy to tell the difference.
Do some research and NEVER send a message to someone on Fiverr who has not sent you a message first.