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Is it a good idea to delete messages?

I wonder what you guys think about deleting messages. Most of them are very old (> 6 months) so probably they will not be contacting me again.

So, what do you think about deleting a message which is:

  1. Very old + no order.
  2. Very old + order.
  3. New (> week or > month) + no order.
  4. New (> week or > month) + order.

I guess there is no harm in deleting messages if the buyer has not ordered anything, but they contact in future it may look awkward.

You can also archive a message.:slightly_smiling_face:

When I have done that and I get recontacted I get a message from Fiverr to “unarchive” it so I can answer. :wink:


I don’t really delete my messages. I get alot of recurring customers and I like to keep “proof” of everything from each customer if that makes sense.


Do you archive them? :thinking:

I could but meh too lazy.


I don’t delete my messages either. I have, however, archived a few!

Nope. Deleting is a bad idea so do not do it instead (i) you can make them convert again ( 1. Very old + no order.) in the near future (ii) let them know if you have created a new gig ( 1. Very old + order.) (iii) Not only a new but also if you have made a fantabulous modification that would crush your competitors’ gig (all 4) - JUST SHARE your gig!


That would be considered spam and could get your account closed. :wink:

You might want to delete your external link in your post as it’s against forum rules.

You’ve also got links in your Fiverr profile which aren’t allowed by Fiverr - have a look here for the ones you can use:


There’s no reason to delete them. It won’t help you with nothing if you want to delete them…

Thanks for letting me know.

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Thank you everyone, especially @psychicbunny and @vickiespencer.

I’m going to archive the messages with different tags. I’ll probably delete some, such as with 1-2 messages.

Have a great day!

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You can delete the messages that you would like to delete from certain buyers and if that buyer contacts you again then your earlier communication will resurface in your new chat head.It doesn’t get deleted, unless you delete it and block the buyer from contacting you.

I don’t generally erase my messages. I get alot of repeating clients and I like to keep “verification” of everything from every client if that bodes well.