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Is it a new Bug on Fiverr?


Since last few days I am noticing something unusual in Fiverr Messaging System.

My buyers sends me some message & I can see it as unread in my Inbox but when I open the conversation I can’t see the message.

Then after few hours or next day I again see the same message as unread in my inbox & then when I open it and scroll up till the time when my buyer actually sends it then I can see the message again.

I have to wait for hours or even days to get some message. And worst part is I don’t receive any mail or Push Notifications for such messages.

I have created several tickets regarding this but everytime they say that there must be possible chance that your buyer is sending some Contact Information.

But when later after few hours or days I get the message back I can’t see any word which is related to leaking identity :frowning:

Is there anyone else who is facing such issues?

Let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

same to me.

Hey fiverr world?

Is there anyone who can give more detail about this issue.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Same here, you have been experiencing this from few days ago, I have from October.

@julipslmer7: No I have started noticing since last 2 or 3 weeks.

Today also I reported to Fiverr Customer Support but they told me there is a delay in receiving messages and now you can see the messages in your inbox.

And still I can’t see anything in my inbox.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I actually have the issue where MOST of the messages between myself and a buyer is gone… The only messages between us are from July 23 2015… I can see where he wrote in Fiverr, when I get messages but when I go to respond the message is not there… the only thing I see is from July 23, 2015… Same with him… no contact information has been exchanged. We’ve been working together since 2011 and now everything is just gone.

Is that a spam massage? Then Unspam it and correct.