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Is it a new bug?


So, I just delivered an order but then I got back on the order’s page and my delivery is nowhere to be found. The order is marked as “to be completed in 3 days” but my delivery is missing. I sent a message to my client to verify that he received my delivery but then I noticed that even I sent the message, it is missing from the order’s page. I can’t understant what’s happening here.


im having this exact same issue - I think there is a current bug with messages not sending. I’ve got about 2 hours left on a delivery and Im not sure if the delivery went through either.

I’ve tried messaging via the app and this is also not working

update my delivery did deliver, but I can see clients messages in notifications which I cannot read/see in the inbox/order page, and I cant send any additional messages



Yes at current there appears to be a bug in the messaging system, deliveries etc.

If everyone reports this directly to CS rather than on these forums maybe it will be resolved quicker.


already done that :stuck_out_tongue:



This issue is now RESOLVED for me…


Not everything was resolved. We can reply to our clients now but some messages from my clients still not showing in conversation. I can see notifications for them but when I open order there is nothing.