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Is it a problem if I offer a gig that is not related to my niche and my other gigs?

I’m thinking offering some completely new service gigs. Waiting for your suggestions.


There is no problem with that.


No problem. You can try it.

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No problem you curry on…

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Go ahead…


That’s totally fine! It may limit opportunities for people to buy this gig from you after purchasing another order from you in your niche, unless that person happens to need both things. But that’s not a risk. It just depends on how you want gigs to cross-pollinate each other.

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Thank you for your advice.

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On technical grounds there is no problem at all but this thing sometimes not work for new seller’s because buyer don’t trust at the newbie who offers more than one service. For example my niches were writing and I create one Gig of Video editing then it is very difficult for a buyer to trust on my skills. For top rated or established seller’s this thing work so in my opinion If you are new then you must foucus on your niches at this point.

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