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Is it a scam?


I bought a gigs stating to share my link to 17 million fans of his. There are 39 orders and 15 in queue and 2 negative reviews. I understand that he cannot ensure conversion. The problem is that it has been 4 days and no UV to my sites from him according to analytics. If it is a scam, really fiverr just let it happen without caring its reputation?


Send a Google short link. I got 4 million fans on my account but they don’t even click my link when they see my domain… Guess every one don’t interest in PSP gaming sites. Write a nice description and a short link. So more peoples click it. At least 40000 UVs! better than nothing


I don’t buy that… It is the same description I use for my fb ad campaign. Spending $27 for 5 days gave me 40+ page likes and reached 8000 people with nearly 1000 engagements. I thought it will be a smarter choice to use $5 to reach 17 million people. Guess I’m just too naive… I happen to be the sucker born every minute… It’s ok, just another lesson learnt. I going click complete order and let some other suckers fall into it since fiverr don’t give a damn about these things.


You can cancel the order and get a refund.


yes you can cancel mutually or contact with support team.



Buying gigs like “Share your link to xx million FB fans” is never as effective as Facebook campaigns, from my past buying experience. Facebook ads are targeted, and you can customize your campaign to suit your link. Even Facebook ads don’t guarantee conversion, I still recommend you to create Facebook campaigns instead of spending meaningless money here purchasing this kind of gigs.

Sellers who do similar gigs really have high ROI. The Facebook pages where they post your link are mostly zombie pages with fake likes, which can be bought at a very low price, especially from Asian sites. Even the Facebook system deletes suspicious fake likes regularly, the sellers can add new likes again. Even if the page is pulled down, another zombie page is set up.

I once ordered from a Top Rated Seller who offered similar service. The seller provided screenshots as proofs (maybe external hyperlinks are not allowed here in Fiverr), which allowed me to trace the pages the seller owned. I discovered the pages contained a messy collection of posts without any engagement AT ALL. Obviously all posts are coming from the buyers who purchased the gigs.

So, you may wonder why there are still so many people purchasing such gigs. It’s just another example of herd behaviour, and even I was one of the sheep. $5 for a placebo - why not? I don’t lose much if it doesn’t work. Seeing the seller sending screenshots as proofs, some buyers with not much IT knowledge will soon think they’ve already earned it. Wow - my post in a FB page with millions of likes!!! Are there any buyers who realize they’ve been scammed by tracing the pages? Yes, but few - they’re those who leave sensible negative reviews (not those complaining about conversions).


No.Fiverr is not a scam.It takes time to get something worthwhile but you need to go by the rules


Catwriter & Webexpert - I’m lazy to go through the procedure of cancelling the service. I also don’t see me winning the case here. There is no way to proof his wrongdoings.

Willpower - It just too costly to keep the campaign going in fb. Spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to build genuine audience and post relevant links to stable the traffic in websites is not a sound investment be it long or short term. I tried to maintain quality content but the ranking is buried below craps which I don’t understand why.

salesmasta - I guess you didn’t understand the problem. I believe I didn’t break any fiverr rules here. I also didn’t say that fiverr is a scam but it seem to be a platform for scammer giving genuine seller a disadvantage here.


Ok… it has ended. The result is 14 people shared, 868 liked and 1469 commented on my link on FB. As a bonus added… My link is also tweeted to 100,000 people. Guess what? NOBODY BOTHER TO CLICK ON IT! Analytics show that it is still my small number of faithful forumers visited the site doing their daily chats…


When ordering these gigs technically it is not a scam. If the buyer shares what they said they would, they delivered what you ordered. Before ordering it is your responsibility to check the account and see if the followers/fans are real or bots. The seller did not scam you. Instead, you did not get the results you desired because you did not do research before ordering.


A long time ago, and not on Fiverr, I paid a relatively small amount of money for a promise of a huge number of hits. According to the provider’s stats, he delivered the hits.

Maybe he did.

Problem is: I got nothing out of it. Not one sale. It’s tempting to think (really–17 MILLION?) “Well if I get 1/10th of 1% buying, I’ll be in great shape.” Hah! That’d be 17,000. And, of course, the fantasy works for smaller numbers. Suppose there’s just a promise of 100,000 hits (or likes, or views, or whatever). And you rationalize: “1/10th of 1%. That’s still 100…That’s still a great return on investment.” But those numbers never materialize. You’re just fooling yourself.

As Victoria says, it may not be a scam. At least not on the seller’s part. Unfortunately, you’ve scammed yourself–fooled yourself or talked yourself into expecting results that never were promised and can’t be achieved.


Congrats, @austinchng! You have successfully been fooled, if not scammed. (Sorry for being ironic [-( )

I will just quote some evidence of the Twitter account to illustrate this. You can definitely check out the Facebook page yourself.

According to your screenshot proofs, the Twitter account is LauriexxxxxUK (I intentionally censored it to avoid moderation from admins).

Compiling information from different analysis sites (I don’t absolutely trust these sites, but they can surely act as reference if similar information is shown), the account has a high chance to be fake.

From Statuspeople, twitteraudit and Socialbakers, the account has around 70% ~ 86% of probably fake followers. Her followers are constantly decreasing, which is a dangerous sign of getting fake followers, as they will unfollow or be deleted by Twitter. Although it’s not shown on the graph yet, if one day her followers rebound, it’s a sign she’s purchasing fake followers again.

P.S. I’m not saying it’s 100% scam, but there is a high chance.

P.P.S. If there is any seller who includes these analytic pages in their gig portfolio showing that over 90% of their followers are real, please let me know and I’ll definitely consider purchasing several gigs from him or her. But I think not many are brave to show those pages in their portfolio…



victoria91 - So you mean it is ok for the seller to state things like genuine fans, real humans, etc… and as the buyer responsibility to further confirm if what he stated was real. He even blur out his username in the report screenshot. Tell me who the hell will buy service for 17 million fake fans? I don’t even know if the screen is been photoshopped…

Thanks Willpower for the analysis… learn something here.

Come on… it is a scam. It just so sick that people think it is ok to post service as such and goes like “you fail to check before ordering”. Change the service description to “share your link to my 17 million fake fans” then I will say that it’s not a scam.

Btw, after posting this thread, the seller change to 30 million. How did he increase 13 million fans in few days? There is 13 orders in queue, tell these buyers that it is fake bot and see if they cancel the order.

Just for $5 I’m perfectly fine with the testing and willing to let the matter die off. But you people are really sick to say that it is the buyer’s fault to purchase these services.