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Is it Against fiverr rules to use level badge for promotion

So i’ve seen many people offering different services has mentioned that they are on a specific level seller with the level badge. Even i want to add that to one of my gig so before doing that i just need to know whether it is against the rules or anything to mention your current level in Gig Gallery

Well usually level 2/top rated/ super sellers put it in their (gig)description to encourage people to buy from them instead of new ones, so I don’t think it’s against the rules. It also can help ensure someone you won’t scam them. :slight_smile:

Its not against TOS. I did not read it anywhere. You can use level badges on your gig image designed nicely. Its the guidance to your clients and its style of giving them signal that they should read your gig description at priority bases.
so i think its okay.