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Is it against fiverr terms to contact old buyers through fiverr message

Hello, i have some old buyers who where repeat buyers but have not heard from them in a while, am wondering if it would be againist fiverr terms to contact them, not in a spammy way, just genuienly try to findout if there is anything i can do for them, also how many of these messages can i send out without calling attention to my self.

How would you write these messages your self?
thanks alot

I have tried to 20-25 message some days back. It was not looks like spammy. I guess that will not impact on profile.


so you never got any warnings from fiverr
thanks btw

No, I didn’t get because I do only 20-25 message only.

No, it is spam. Don’t do that.

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got it thanks,
though i would like to know your experience if you have done it before

I haven’t because I don’t want my account being compromised?

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I tried contacting them after but only the ones who forget to rate my services, around 15% of my total clients

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Oh, really, well never knew that, I contact some of my old buyers as I was sort of fed up with less responses on my gig!

do they ever reply or rate your service

I think this is not a spam to contact the old buyers. I have contacted them and there was no warning from Fiverr.


a few do replay and rate, others don’t use their accounts anymore I guess

only 76% of my orders have been rated, i thought of contacting the other percentage but someone here said, my account could be flagged for spamming, so i have not

I contact buyers ONLY if they have marked the order completed and not left a review. If my first message gets no response, I send them a message again after two days. If still have no answer, I don’t bother them. And I never ask old buyers to provide me with some work because old satisfied buyers regularly come back to me. If someone has a job, they’ll come so there’s no need to message them.

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