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Is it against the RULES to cancel orders based on a COUNTRY?


Hi again,

Is it against the rules to turn down orders from a specific country? Let’s say I don’t want to work with people from Krakozhia, which is a fictional country just to give you an example, because I don’t want to insult anyone.

Say I’m disappointed, and the risk for me is too great, is that against the ToS to let the buyer know, and then turn down the order immediately after placement?



well, I know it’s not against the rules to turn down the order if you specified in your description that you don’t work this kind of work (for example, religious or adult content), but turning down order based on buyers country is kind of racist. :wink:


No you cannot cancel orders based on the country of the buyer. In particular you cannot communicate this to a buyer, that you are cancelling orders from his or her country. I don’t know if it’s against the TOS but it is simply logical that you can’t discriminate against any countries.


Its xenophobic, not racist. I’ve seen people putting in the gigs before they will not accept orders from specific countries under different pretexts. Bad buyers though are not country specific and blocking buyers by location is not really a good idea or good business.


This is true. I don’t know if the OP asked this due to having more bad buyers from some countries or if it’s because of a personal bias. I’ve noticed more problems from some countries but still don’t cancel the orders from them.



No, not a personal bias, it’s just I got my first cancel request today and it was not fair, the buyer’s behavior was weird as hell, and some people noted this could be a well known scam. So I will just wait for now, but if orders come from this very same location, what can I do? I mean, I can work for free I guess.

And I DON’T want bad reviews. I know I can decide to not cancel. I don’t want 1-stars to ruin my good standing.


I’ve seen this weird behavior too from certain countries, weird in different ways from a couple of different countries. Let’s just say that you can never say that you do not accept orders from certain countries. It’s the worst when you are a newer seller.


I guess I can accept them, and if I spot or have a hunch that this is the same person, I can report him I guess?

Bad thing is…delivering the order and then having trouble.

I think I can protect myself by editing my descriptions, saying “My article CAN BE FUNNY, but I don’t promise you”. Or something like that. Or I’m out of ideas.


Well you just have to muddle through it somehow until you are not a newer target for them. It does get better.


That’s what Fastcopywriter does. He states his gig is subjective.

You could do the same. Maybe have a disclaimer saying something like, “Humour is subjective. While I’ll do my absolute best to make you laugh, I can’t guarantee it 100%.”


What if I add this to my Gig description:

“My style of writing may not be funny to you, but it’s funny to me.”

Because really humor is subjective. And I just understood, after today, anyone can twist that, thay can twist my hands really and do anything. Say it was not funny, get it, then cancel, when humor is really subjective.


Anything creative is subjective. Not liking it is not a reason for THEM to cancel an order. So it comes down to which is worse for you, taking a one star review, or the cancellation so you worked for free. After you have enough good reviews you can tell them you do not cancel orders simply because they don’t like what they got.


I think I want to keep a 5.0 for now. Is that bad?


No of course not. That’s the decision most newer sellers make. But try to act on the red flags immediately so at least you don’t do work for free. After a while you get good at spotting them and you know what’s coming.


My main mistake was jumping on the bandwagon right away. I rarely get messages before the orders, since people usually just order. They decided already. But the new seller gets every opportunity he gets. I hope this goes away behind me after a year or so.

But this one time I got this message before the actual order:

Are you able to produce a very humorous rib cracking speech? I want the opening and closing to leaving the audience laughing all day. To be precise, I want the very first sentence of the speech and the last sentence of the speech to leave the audience laughing. Please let me know if you are happy to deliver my request and I will pay for your gig.


That’s not possible so you should have turned it down. You can tell them you can’t do that.

For a speech that does that, it should cost at least $500.


Well, It’s a part of Business. You gotta learn how to deal with rude buyers and make them happy! :slight_smile:

I think you shouldn’t write that I don’t work for people who are from “x” Country.


You can ask them to contact you before they order if you want to, so you can try to screen them, but most probably won’t, if you are only charging five or ten dollars.



That’s not realistic. I offered 2 times, in a clear message, not only to change everything, but start from the beginning. I got the message: “I don’t want it. What should we do?”

That’s a firm “no”.


I would have told him it’s a shame because want it or not that’s what he got.