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Is it against the rules to re-deliver in a message or can you do that?

If a buyer marks the order as complete and they are happy with the delivery, but say you want to re-deliver because you see some inaccuracy in the delivery (eg. some masking not correct in a few frames), can you re-deliver the file (eg. video) in a message (rather than the order page), since the buyer has already paid for the delivery and there’s now no “re-deliver” option on the order page, or is that against the rules/terms (like everything to do with the order has to be sent in the “delivery” option of the order page?)?

I don’t think it’s against the rules, especially if the re-deliver button is gone after order completion.

I have done that myself in the past, spotting mistakes in the delivery after the buyer marked it as complete, and I inboxed the buyer, told them I spotted some mistake and that I promptly fixed it, send the attachments, and they were actually happy seeing that I was so involved in their work and getting them satisfied.

On a few occasions, the buyers even tipped me for that. This is because many sellers just deliver and forget, don’t care anymore as long as they got their hands on the money. But there are perfectionist sellers, like you and me, who strive to deliver perfect impeccable work, which buyers like as it feels as we’re giving them full proper attention, which we actually do.


Depends what customer support think at the time.

I delivered a big batch of articles, 99 of them. The customer ordered 100. He left 5* positive feedback.

He then spotted that there was an article missing, rather than tell me, he got in touch with customer support.

I received an account warning for delivering without all the content there (I somehow missed uploading one)

Then i sent it to the customer, he told customer support and they removed my account warning BUTTTTTT they then gave me a second account warning for delivering outside of the gig as they didn’t realize that I was not giving away free content, it was what he had paid for. They said I was bribing him.

That second warning was never removed and they do not see it from my point of view.

So, basically, as long as nobody gets in touch with customer support, it is all good!


Hmm… feedback change via CS is a no-go, mentioning :arrow_up: in CS getting sellers an account warning… is it just me, or should we be scared of sending tickets? :confused:

Thanks both of you. I was just about to post the updated version of the files in a message but now I see I could get an account warning for doing so :frowning: . I think I won’t now because of the account warning that I could get for doing it (and all it would be doing is delivering a more correct version of something already paid for. It’s annoying when the error is seen but the buyer is happy and hopefully not many people will see the issue. I wish I could fix it but it’s not worth getting in trouble for sending a correction).

There should be an option on the order page like leaving the “Re-Deliver” there even after a completion or a “Deliver Correction” or something.

Yes. If you send a ticket, you should not mention feedback at all. I think I said in another post, I had a few cancellations in the past few weeks where the person didn’t want to leave negative feedback, they just thought it was a mutual cancellation.

The conversation goes like this (trimmed down):

“Just so you are aware. Cancelling that way leaves negative feedback on my account, hence why I offered mutual cancellation”

“Oh no. I didn’t mean that! What can I do to get it removed?”

“You can get in touch with customer support and have the feedback removed that way”

Customer then gets in touch with customer support. The ‘Trust & Safety’ team then refuse to remove the feedback because by saying that the cancellation resulted in negative feedback is, apparently, guilting people into having the feedback removed. They ignore the fact the customer wanted it removed. They ignored the fact that the customer reordered and left five-star feedback. They say “feedback is based on customer experience”. But…no it is not. They didn’t want the feedback there in the first place.

If you have this happen too many times, Trust & Safety limit your usage of the messaging system.

So. Yeah. Even the customers getting in touch with customer support is dangerous…


You are only going to get an account warning if the customer complains, which I doubt they will.

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Besides being able to leave unfair private feedback even after mutually cancelling an order :unamused: I’m sorry, but that’s too much uncontrolled power in the hands of a [non-]buyer.

A very nice CS staff person on my ticket on mutual cancellations due to accidental orders, mentioned something along the lines of them taking the buyer into account, which to me sounds like ‘we look at who complained about you and if they are a notorious complainer, or if they accidentally order twice a month or such, we won’t hold it against you’.
At least, that’s what I like to think to feel better :wink: