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Is it against the TOS to put custom orders intentionally in the wrong category?


Hello! I’m Dylan and I’ve been selling on Fiverr for about 10 months (just hit Level Two!).

Two of my gigs are extremely popular and the others get few to no sales. I was wondering if it’s allowed to send custom offers as a different gig then what they actually are in order to get reviews up on one of my less popular gigs.

For example, I have a recurring client that orders Google Slides templates every month, and that’s one of my popular gigs. Could I send an offer for the same service at the same price, but under the proofreading & editing gig, which is yet to get an order (in order to make that gig reviewed and more popular)?

I haven’t done this before, this is just out of curiosity to see if this is allowed.


You should ask this to cs. Lets talk about the other side of your request. If your gig is not in a related category, it does not seems possible to get order. Buyers search for exact category when they need any service.


This is not allowed. A gig’s reviews are meant to show buyers if that specific gig is delivering as promised. If you receive reviews for a different service on that gig, then you are essentially tricking buyers into thinking that this service is liked and used by buyers when that isn’t necessarily the case.


You have to chose the gig that has the most in common with your custom offer. Otherwise it counts as manipulation of the review system, what is against the TOS of Fiverr.


I didn’t mean label a gig as what it’s not, I mean if I’m already going to get an order from someone and I want to send the custom offer as being for a different gig.


There is no problem if you send custom offer with one of your gig, if you
do not have a related gig. Just add all descriptions as you agreed with
buyer to custom offer.



Review manipulation is against the terms of service and can get you banned. That is dishonest and misleading to buyers.


I do not think this would be honest. Proofreading and editing are waaay different from selling? making? Google Slides templates. It would lead your potential buyers to think other people had thought you were a great editor, when in fact you were good at making Google Slide Templates. Plus the reviews could read like, “You did a great job on Google Slides for me. Thank you.” and the buyers reading the review would be like, “What?” :thinking: