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Is it against the TOS?


If a buyer asks you about your city, from where you are? I know they can see that what is your country on your profile but if they ask for the city. Is this kinda information, if sent to the buyer is against TOS or not?


I don’t think it’s expressly against ToS, but it shouldn’t really matter to a buyer where you’re from exactly.

If in doubt, ask CS. :slightly_smiling_face:


You can share your city name because it is not mentioned under fiver ToS but you can not share any other personal details.


You can tell them your city.


Totally. I get orders from diaspora occasionally and they get excited and ask me as well. I just answer that I live “here and there”.

Disclosing your geographical location is not against the rules, I mean, fiverr basically insists on doing that in your profile.


Just ask buyer, for what he needs this information


Telling your town or city is not the same thing as giving them contact information. Sometimes people on the forum mention their town.


I guess fiverr is not so much strict that you can’t share your location too?


Thank you everyone, much appreciated.


I get really excited if someone from my city orders, probably because it’s only happened maybe 10 times in 3000 orders.


No. Post must be 20 chars, so again, No.