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Is it against TOS to deliver modified work through message?

Is it against TOS to deliver modified work through message after the buyer accepted the work ?
The buyer requested a slight modification to the order, but it was after he closed the order.

So, is it ok to send it to him through message ?

Thank you,

I think there is no problem but I am not 100% sure.

Yes, I’ve done this several times when buyers have come back after an order has been closed. You might want to make a point of saying something like:


Please find attached your amended order. Also, please note that I understand that you may have not had time to check your order after delivery. However, please note that further revisions will necessitate contacting me for a custom quote, as I do not offer unlimited revisions".

This prevents buyers from having grounds to go to CS and complain that work you delivered to them is in any way incomplete.


Thanks for the help guys,
@cyaxrex i actually offer unlimited revisions but thx for your reply, i’ll perceed with sending the modified work.

Much appreciated.