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Is it allow to use GPL License products

Hi this is only question
I want to ask that it is legal to use GPL Licensed products for our clients on fiverr?
As we see every plugin and theme for wordpress website are more costly and we can’t afford when we have less gig price and also clients sometimes don’t want to purchase.
So some website are selling these products (under GPL License) at very low cost.So can we use and there is any restriction on fiverr?
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As far as I know no it is not legal

Whereas the GPL licensed products provider are claiming that we can use it for commercial purpose.So i’m confuse about and don’t know what i should do

Hello @langahsahiib ,
Read this article which given by FIVERR,
You will get your answer.
link: .

I’m sorry but i have not found there the exact answer or i was unable to understand that as a whole. :neutral_face:

No worry @langahsahiib ,
I don’t think that you face a problem with that.
Or else you can message the FIVERR support team to get the proper idea.

Yes you should discuss this with client you will use GPL license product and its cost is less than $5 so the buyer will convince.

Mostly in my cases buyers convince and agreed with GPL license plugin or theme it’s not illegal at all.

Just make sure you’re not charging extra gig example: $60 for theme or plugin in your order it does not make any sense.

I recommend you to include theme or plugin cost in your gig overall price and offer this free to your clients also mention this is under GPL license plugin or theme you will not provide a license key.

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