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Is it allowed to contact previous buyers who were regulars

I recently lost my best selling gig (entirely my own fault) and I am trying to recover from it. I remade the gig and have started over from scratch. My question is…is it permissible for sellers to contact previous buyers who were regular customers just to let them know that your gig has changed a little but that you’re still here? I was able to let some of my buyers know that my old gig was closing and gave them the link to the new gig for their next order. All communications are on Fiverr messaging system, so no rule-breaking.

My new gig is struggling to rank now because it’s new and I have already done the normal networking through social media and buyers’ requests. I thought about offering a “limited time” special for fall with a 10% discount of all writing projects, or something similar. I just don’t want to do anything else to get myself in trouble. I understand that gig ranking and placement has to do with algorithms and other factors, but I am worried that I won’t be found in search if it keeps dropping. Then I won’t make any money at all. It sucks because I was getting 3 - 5 orders daily, down to nothing.


No, Fiverr does not allow sellers to do this. You are not permitted to send messages to other users and ask them to hire you. On-site buyers need to come to you first – if they need your services.

Have you tried marketing and promoting yourself outside of Fiverr – wherever your target customers are located? Bringing new customers into Fiverr is not against the rules.

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Yes, I am marketing outside of Fiverr. I want to make sure I abide by the rules. I saw that someone else had asked a similar question and I was curious about this as well. Thank you for letting me know.

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Hi lisamusser

I am sorry to hear you lost your best selling gig. If you have not done so already, I think you can have a starting from $5 simple service so that the new gig is visible to most people searching and add value to it by using the extras.

About your question, whenever someone messages me to inform me about what they are selling, either new sellers or old sellers I have bought their gig in the past, it is somehow annoying. I think that if someone has already purchased from you in the past and is a repeat-buyer or a very satisfied buyer, they can find your gigs by just visiting your profile.

All the best!

Thank you, I appreciate your advice. After thinking about it more I came to the same conclusion. It’s slow having to start over but some of my repeat buyers have ordered again, so it just takes time to get back to where I was.

Thanks again!