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Is it allowed to invite existing clients to Fiverr and order gigs whenever he needs?

We are a team of designers. Can we invite the existing clients we met on other marketplaces to Fiverr with the referral link? Is it prohibited to invite clients? Will I receive the referral bonus if I give him my referral link?

Or should we use the Fiverr affiliate program?


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You’ll need to refer to the Terms and Conditions of the referral program for that last question.

As for the first two, yes, you can invite people, but cannot arrange for reviews or the like as that’s against the ToS.

As for if you should, don’t forget that Fiverr takes 20%. So, if you’re getting more net income elsewhere, you might want to reconsider the option.

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And no program would let a freelancer divert sales over from that one to another platform.

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Thank you for your answer.