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Is it allowed to offer here in forum?

I just want to ask that can we use forum to advertise your gig to get some work? Someone may get attracted after reading your discussion.

@nauman_x Thanks for asking. You are only allowed to post your Gigs in “My Fiverr Gigs”.

you can offer anything legal in this form, but only on “My Fiverr Gigs” Category section

Also, as you implied, making insightful comments or telling your Fiverr stories (in that category) can draw people to look at your profile. While you can’t put links to your gig or profile outside of My Fiverr Gigs, if people get interested in something you say they will click on your username. That is a hyperlink straight to your profile and gigs. :slight_smile:

you can only promote your gigs in “My fiverr gigs” category in this forum

Promote your Gig on “My Fiverr Gigs”…